First sale come in after months of hard work

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I started a thread week ago complaining not making a dime. But all of a sudden the sales started to roll in without my expectation. I am getting sooooo excited!!! Because I never think anyone would want to buy from me and the financial problem did not stop me from making money. You guys can see my last thread here

If you don't believe me you can see my screenshot here

I know it is not much for some of you guys. But it is my first success and I am making more than I expected.

Now I really have no idea of how the sales come in. I promote my sites like crazy, I do article marketing (I hate AM), adwords, blogging, craiglist and ad classification. I really do not know where my customers came from. I don't think they come from my list because it is a totally different product I am promoting. Don't ask me how I did it. IM is still a totally mysterious subject for me. But I keep doing what I do regularly. My advice for those who isn't making a dime is to keep doing what you are doing and never stop, so one day you will see sale come in unexpectedly.

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