Yuppiee...I made my first clickbank sale using Yahoo Answers

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Thank you Warrior forum.
Finally, I got my first clickbank sale. I just answered few questions on yahoo answers that is some 15-20. which got me some 80+ hits to product review page and bang I got a sale.

I will work even harder now and get more sales.
Hey newbees you should try Yahoo Answers too. They work great.
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    Wow,I have never thought that I can get a sale from Yahoo Answers. Congratuations! Maybe I should try that. Can I put affiliate links in my answers?
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      You should not put affiliate links in your answers. Others have had their accounts suspended for doing this.

      You can answer questions and include a link to your review site but don't do this with every answer.

      Also, include links with some answers that aren't affiliate links but just helpful to the person who asked the question. If you give Yahoo the general idea that you are helping people rather than just pushing your own products or agenda, you'll be fine.
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    If you want your responses to last longer on Yahoo Answers and not risk getting your account suspended try this:

    1) Create content blog related to area that you wish to target on Clickbank

    2) Post articles or PLR content in your blog with your affiliate link in your blog posts.

    3) List your blog INSTEAD of the affiliate link for the source....People will visit your blog and click on your link.

    Good Luck!

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      Yahoo Answers can be a great source of targeted traffic. I've been using them for a couple years now. Like Michael said above, point the link in your answers to a blog or even an article to reduce the risk of your account getting banned.
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    Congrats, I though you could get banned by putting affiliate links in your post? What do you do just put affiliate links in every post that you answer?
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    Congratulation. Seems like money is everywhere to be made
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    I posted a product review in my blog. I have level 2 in yahoo answers. So I could post 40 answers per day. I put link to my product review page every 3-4 answers.

    Never put your affiliate link directly or you will get banned.

    I had tried that too before and got banned. This time I was more careful.

    Give a good, detailed answers. Dont sound like you are promoting, write an unbaised review, thats all what you need.
    All d best
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    Nice work! Now hire someone to do nothing but yahoo answers and you go figure out something else like SEO, or PPC - soon enough you'll have a handful of sales coming in daily...
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    Yes, Yahoo Answers works! Thanks for confirming with your results too!

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    congratulation on your first sale , i haven't used yahoo answer and it's interesting for me that you could make one sales, i hope you make more sales in the future.
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    I had a highly ranked yahoo answers account from years ago. I never kept up with it, but I'll give it a look again. I like testing out traffic and conversions and reporting it back on my blog.

    I also think yahoo answers is a good place for niche research and "problems" that need answers.

    Check out my Affiliate Internet Marketing Blog, lots of cool free stuff. And make sure you take a peek at Trilateral Profits. Internet Marketing Management

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