What Percentage Should I Charge to Run the Marketing for a Product/Membership Site?

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I was wondering if I could get some input on the following:

I know someone who has recently written a book he is trying to get published. This would be his third book. This person is teaching a system, essentially, and he's my former teacher, so I know what he teaches is quality stuff. He is also very articulate about it, and so he has a lot going for him in that department.

I was thinking of approaching him and offering to help him take his "book" and turn it into an online product/membership site. Instead of selling a book for $19.95 and seeing maybe $1 of that himself, I think he could easily sell his "system" for a few hundred dollars on the web.

My question is this: What would be a typical % split if I did most of the web marketing for him, set up an autoresponder, maybe made some presell videos, set up a membership site, set up social media outlets for him, did article marketing, eventually got him affiliates, etc.?

He has a fair amount of experience trying to market himself in the offline world, and he already has some videos of what he teaches, etc. Although I think there would be a fair amount of material we would still need to create together based on his system, I think the bulk of what we would need is already completed.

Before I even approach him with the idea, however, I was hoping to get some input on what type of percentage split would be normal here. (I will approach him with a percentage split, and not a dollar figure, as I'm sure he doesn't have the money to pay for it out of pocket. ... Also, as I mentioned, I think it's quality stuff, and it could take off if done right.)

Thanks for any input.
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    My suggestion is to not approach him with any figure.

    Walk him through your entire idea. Get him to state what the product would look like (membership site, training, etc.) and how much he would charge.

    Take him through what you plan to do to get the product traffic and sales. If you have a track record on getting traffic for this niche, then share those numbers with him. Now, with him, do the math on how much projected income there would be from this joint venture

    With that information in front of him, ask him if he would be interested in working together. Once he says yes, then ask him what a fair split would be on this. Many, non business savvy people (and even some business savvy) will immediately jump to a 50/50 split. Regardless, just wait for him to give you the percentage.

    Now comes the easy part, you get to decide if it is enough for you or not. Maybe he says 20%. If that is 20% of $10,000, then you might want to pass. However, if it is 20% of $100,000 then this is probably worth your time.

    Regardless, just give him the info and come to an agreement. Let the numbers decide and you will both come out better for it.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Scott.

    I had considered just putting the ball in his court to see what he'd say. ... So I guess what I'm really asking is if there's an "industry standard" (more or less) for this type of thing.

    I know, for example, that if you sell a product through Clickbank that you can set the commission to be whatever you like, but I also know that you aren't going to get any decent affiliates without at least a 50% commission and more often than not a 70% commission.

    I'm not assuming that 50-70% is right in this case. ... That's my question. What IS normal for this type of case? (I also realize that there may not be a "normal" here.)
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