Forget the Free Ride -- You Gotta Spend Something!

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In Internet marketing and in life, there's one principle that's always in play: You can either spend your time or your money; but you gotta spend something!

Put another way:
  • If you can afford to spend some of your money, you can save yourself some time.
  • If you can afford to spend some of your time, you can save yourself some money.
It doesn't matter what you're doing, you have to make a choice between time and money.

If you're trying to achieve superstar status in the IM world by using only free methods, I've got some news for you... IT'S GONNA TAKE FOREVER (if you get there at all).

I like getting stuff done for free! It's one of my favorite things. But "free" comes with a cost -- your time! And free is rarely fast (because it takes time).

If you really want to be a superstar... (drum roll, please)... OUTSOURCE. Invest some cash and buy other people's time. You'll reach your goals a whole lot faster!
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    Ye mate,

    It's all about leveraging your time. It's also worth spending time finding the right palces to outsource your work....
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    I agree...If you want to be successful in IM you must think of it as a business and therefore it takes money to make money. I've met hundreds of people who have spent tens of thousands on their IM education but never made a dime simply because they failed to take action on what they've learned. Success is a process consisting of a series of failures...You cannot become successful by simply trying to copy someone else you need to find your own path and that requires time , money and an unshakable commitment. You also need to start thinking like a Captain and stop thinking like a deck swabber. Delegate, delegate and delegate some more. Demand perfection and be fearless even when it appears your world is crumbling down around you.

    Carrie Wilkerson (the barefoot executive) says: "Fail fast, fail often and success cannot elude you."
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