Is 2900 Monthly Searches on Exact Match Worth Pursuing?

by gr101 23 replies
I plan to setup a blog site with affiliate links.
I've found a phrase of two words that has (as per Google Analytics's External Keyword Tool) a monthly search volume of 2900 words on Exact Match.

Do you reckon this is worth pursuing?
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    Its impossible for anyone to give advice on this topic without knowing the market/niche. The searches per month are all relative to the buyers desperation and what type of conversion rate you can generate.
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      It's in travel and tourism.
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        Hmmm ok... So how many searches a day would be decent?
        As per the Market Samurai Videos I think it's 100 searches per day... but I'm not sure if they are searching on Broad Match or Exact Match.
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    I would honestly say no. That breaks down to under 100 searches a day, and then on top of that, even if you did get #1 spot you'd see MAYBE 20-30 people a day? Not worth it in my opinion...
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      Originally Posted by Rock Solid View Post

      I would honestly say no. That breaks down to under 100 searches a day, and then on top of that, even if you did get #1 spot you'd see MAYBE 20-30 people a day? Not worth it in my opinion...
      It's not always that straightforward.

      100 searches exact match translates into a lot more searches for broader match and long tail keywords.

      With the top spot, he could easily get decent traffic daily because he'd be ranking pretty high for a lot of terms other than his primary keyword too.

      Also, the visitor value is totally dependent on your niche.

      For some it's 5 cents per visitor, for some it's $5 per visitor.

      If you are selling a $1000 product and it takes you're converting at 1%, your visitor value is still $10 per visitor.
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    Still not worth it in my opinion, even though that CAN be a high paying niche, why not try and find something with a bit more SV?
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    That depends on a number of different factors.

    Looking at the phrase ask yourself this. Are the people that are searching for the phrase wiling to pay for the solution to their problem or are they looking for free information.

    Two extreme examples might be "cure cancer" and "free music"

    In the first example if you had a product that actually worked you can bet they would be willing to pay for it. (I stay well away from any product that promises to cure any ailment by the way)

    In the second example theres very little chance that they will be willing to pay for downloads.

    Another thing to look at is your search engine competition .

    If you enter the phrase in quotes in Google how many results do you get?

    Also look at who's in the top ten. Are they old established sites with lots of back links. Are some of them .edu sites. How well are their pages optimized.

    These are only some of the things to consider.

    But, if you go too far with all that you will never get started, so try them and see how it works out.

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    Not IMO. If you can place in spot #1 of page 1 then maybe. In most cases you will not get enough visitors ...
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    It depends on the value of one sale and your conversion rate...

    Yes, 2900 per month is less than 100 per day... But if you can get that many people to click your link, and your conversion rate is 2% and your average sale generates $50 in "revenue for you", that could put an extra $3,000 per month into your income stream...

    You simply have to do the math to know whether it could be a big winner or big loser for you...

    Remember that you have to figure out how many people will click your link, then figure out how many people will convert off your sales page, before anything can really be tallied.
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    I like the fact that your going after a phrase with little competition, and yes if it means you can make money then by all means get that money. As long as the cost does not outweigh the benefit and you can build a recurring monthly income, then go after it. Can you implement CPA? if so then it could turn out nicely given some time to create popularity.

    Also remember that if the internet is growing like everyone says and thousands are getting online everyday then that monthly search number is going to rise inevitably. Why not be the first to be on top?
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    A keyword with this many searches is good for earning from adsense. If you rethink your monetization and switch to adsense, this could work.


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    It depends what the competition is for that keyword. Who is ranked no.1? If it would be very easy to get no.1, go for it.
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    It depends on what you are trying to achieve and how much time you are going to spend on it. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to spend days optimizing your site for a keyword with just 2900 searches a month. However, creating one or two pages of content might be worth the effort if you can get them to convert well.
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    I think a 100 a day keyword is worth pursuing, presuming there is enough money in it to please you. Probably not worth days of effort though - a single page on your blog/site and a bit of back-linking should do. And do it as part of a set of related keywords. Don't have all your eggs in one basket.

    If you use Market Samurai then check out the competition - you probably need to get in the top 3 really to get a decent amount of traffic. Ideally there would be some PR0/1 with poor back-linking that have ranked or maybe PR1/2 where they didn't target the keyword.

    Also check the Phrase to Broad Match ratio to see that it really should be typed in that order and isn't part of a bigger phrase that you should really be targeting.
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      I think 100 a day is well worth going for especially with a buying keyword and good commission. I have one site ranked #1 for a keyword that gets appx 40 searches a day, I get about 15-20 hits for it. Thing is the phrase is a "I've got cash and want to buy now" type keyword phrase, the product pays out apx $100 a sale, I get 1-2 sales a day. So say I make that an average of $150 a day, thats $150 x 365 days = $54,750 a year. For no effort apart from getting it going in the first place.

      Like I say it depends on the keyword, market and payout but 100 searches a day is still worth it if the factors are right. Impossible to say without knowing though.

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    Its definately worth a try. I have some sites that are purely based on 1000 searches a month but I love them because they have highly targeted traffic and converstion rates are super high!
    Go for it if its a "money keyword" or relates to a money keyword.

    just my 2 cents


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    Thing is the phrase is a "I've got cash and want to buy now" type keyword phrase, the product pays out apx $100 a sale, I get 1-2 sales a day. So say I make that an average of $150 a day, thats $150 x 365 days = $54,750 a year. For no effort apart from getting it going in the first place.
    Potential WSO in the making there ;-)

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    I would go for it IF I was sure I could get to #1.

    Actually I have a few with 1900 exact which I have at #1 that I'm pretty happy with.

    Of course, your idea of what kind of money you would be happy with and mine could be 2 different things!

    Gone Fishing
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    If this is a buying keyword, then go for it. How much competition is there? Remember that you don't have to always go, for those keywords with massive monthly searches. Gather keywords with lower monthly searches and it time your volume/website traffic will add up.

    The key thing is to know who the competition is, how hard it is to outrank them.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    Yes it's worth to pursue because this is just one of many other keywords you've chosen right? Its not like you have to stick with one keyword to build a business on, there are many more of them.
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    If you have found 1 phrase with that many searches there should be a few more similiar that you can use to expand the site. If you can find a way to expand down the track then I think it is defintely worth it. It would depend on the competition though - I would want to be sure I could hit that #1 spot.
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    Depends on the competition....

    If it's a pretty easy search term & you'll get a page one without too much effort, then it may be worth it. but also it depends on what the search term is.

    Is it a transactional term - is it an info gathering term?

    If it's transactional, i.e. a search term which qualifies the searcher as wanting to book a flight or a holiday, for example, and if this is the way you'll make your affiliate comms, then yeah - if it's a relatively easy search term then I'd take the above figures. It's probably not going to set your world on fire, but depending on the conversion rates & commission rates, it could work out OK if you've not had to sweat a great deal to get the traffic (which is why it depends on the competition).

    If it's an information based search term though, then the traffic you're bringing in will be lower conversion, tyre kicking traffic, so it's less likely to be worth the effort, based on the above numbers.

    Also though - don't forget you don't really know the traffic levels at this point, you can't always go off the adwords tool


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  • I'd definitely go for it. Do a little more keyword research and find 5-10 more key phrases in the same niche that get 1000-3000 exact searches a month. Now you have a site with the potential of up to 10K exact searches a month.

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