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Hi all,

I think I am in the right subforum for these questions, but I was looking for some keyword research help. If there is an eBook that would be worthwhile to read, please feel free to let me know that as well. I certainly don't mind paying for something as long as the reviews are good .

For a while now my Internet Marketing focus has been on low competition/low search volume keywords. I would build a site with say upwords of 50-60 of these low searches keyword (some under 390 monthly exact in Google Keyword Research tool). So as you can expect when ranking in the middle of the pack on Page 1, some days I get clicks, some days I don't. The money came from CPA advertisements for various sporting goods, so I am also leaving it up to the user to dictate the money I make.

So far i've done as well as one can expect with these low keywords, but i'd like to expand and make a site geared towards some higher searches keywords. The problem i've run into so far is that most seem to have really high competition making it difficult for me to get into the market.

I have seen some books describing how to breakdown keywords into various categories, followed by severl sub-categories.

Anyways, I know my post is vague. But was just hoping someone out there might have some useful tips or ebooks showing how someone was able to find good keywords in a compeitive niche and show the best approach to ranking for them.

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    I could offer a couple general tips real quick that might help ya. I find that if the keywords are under 15k or so searches a month, that I can rank really quickly on page one. The main things are to have the keyword in your title. For example: NorthFace Lightweight Tents get 15k searches a month (hypothetical) Then your article should read: NorthFace Lightweight Tents Review, or something with the keyword first in it. Also, you can use LSI keywords, which basically is related keywords to that topic (e.g. NorthFaceTent, NorthFace LightweightTent Colors, etc...)

    Also you can use images and video with the same keywords and get ranked in google superquick.

    Use or submit your article around a bit to different places.

    I am probably forgetting some things, but these I believe are a few key things that will give you some success ranking for your keywords.

    Keep at it consistently and you will see results.

    Hope that helps ya some!


    p.s. A really good guy at seo that I like has a blog at Viral Marketing : ViperChill It's free content and awesome!! Check em' out.

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