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How do you deal with this. I am so excited listening and watching people life change for the better online going from homelessness to entrepreneurs. I cant sleep at times
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    The excitement goes away quickly when you see how much work it is...That being said, it is definitely achievable if you are willing to take the time to learn and do the work.

    Hope I didn't bust your bubble. If you have any technical question along the way, just PM me...
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    Its exciting but dont get to excited about other people doing well, get excited when you start doing well and that takes action, work and focus
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    Originally Posted by Braveheart2009 View Post

    How do you deal with this.
    By narrowing your focus to one thing at a time!

    Being a newb at everything is useless but mastering one aspect of this business can prove to be extremely worthwhile. For example, article marketing: when done correctly can line your pockets with easy money and much success but when done incorrectly or in a lazy way it ends up being useless.

    Pick one thing you think you can do well and learn it.
    Whether you think you can, or think you can't, YOU'RE RIGHT!! <~~Henry Ford

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    I would definitely stress doing one thing at a time. Find something that you are going to do, then do it.

    I personally believe that the hardest thing about IM is that you can always learn something more. But, you need to go out and use the knowledge that you have before you start learning more ideas and tricks.

    You need to learn as you go. Learning is good. But DOING is better.
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    Start right now with something simple like 1 article a day. If your still doing this in 2 years time you'll have 730 articles to show for it.
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      Yep, FOCUS is the big word. Personal example; I working on 7 different projects at once. I thought I was kicking but, until I looked at my PayPal account... ($10.00) for one weeks worth of work.

      I stopped doing all but one project; and just like magic, over ($500.00) suddenly appeared inside my PayPal account. You would be simply amazed at what happens when you focus on on thing at a time. Hopes that helps.
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    master traffic, and you have mastered IM.

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    I would have to agree with the other posters... It is definitely FOCUS! I wrote a short report about this very topic. In it I shared how I overcame this affliction that a lot of people suffer from.

    Ultimately I think it boils down to setting goals. Don't try to do too much. Most people starting out online want go from zero to hero overnight and the harsh reality is that it doesn't normally happen that way. It takes time! So just be patient and stay focused.

    Another thing that I preach is the art of starting out with the basics. There are a lot of products out there that say they will have you making X amount of dollars a week. While this may be possible, if you have purchased or read 4 similar products, you now have to decide which one to do.

    My suggestion is to simply just pick a niche, and build a list. Work on growing your list and building a relationship with them. Create a steady and solid income. Once you have accomplished that, work on how to improve your metrics. When you think you have a solid system in place, used what you learned to expand.

    Traffic --> Squeeze Page --> Backend Offers

    And as Mike Filsaime says in his videos "Rinse and Repeat"

    I hope I answered your question in there somewhere!
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