How to promote a directory site to #1 in Google, without any directory listing? Help Please

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I am trying to learn more about directory sites and how people profit from them.

If you wanted to set up a directory site for, lets say, dog walkers and go around and ask people who offer dog walking services to list on the directory for a fee.

They are not going to list until it is getting traffic. And you can't get traffic without something on the directory.

Do you just write articles and post to the directory, and build backlinks, then try and find people to go on the directory?

This seems a bit hard without actually mentioning any business names in the articles. For example, if you were creating a directory for skateboard shops in a city and the keyword you wanted to rank for was 'skateboard shop' - what kind of articles could you write without actually talking about a specific skateboard shop (as you want people to pay to be listed, not be mentioned in free articles).

Maybe need to give some free first before getting and cash back.
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