Not Interested In My Niche At All - Do I Continue?

by Mack 10 replies
Alright so I'm extremely new to Internet Marketing (about a month) and have been suffering from a wicked case of "information overload" but that's a whole 'nother thread.

What I want to hear from you guys is if I should continue trying to develop my current niche which I have minimal interest/knowledge in or restart and work on something I enjoy. I already have a site built for this current niche plus a few articles/blogs that are linking to it's home page so I've invested some time and money into this already.

You're probably asking why would I not just pursue the niche I am interested in from the start. Well it's a very popular niche and I didn't think I could compete. But after trying something I don't have any interest in and can barely bring myself to write about, I'd much rather take the challenge and actually have fun doing it.

I'm wanting to take a social approach with my niche (Facebook,Twitter,forums etc) but I can't see myself doing that without coming off as fake or being someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.

Now that I've went over everything I just wrote I think I answered my own question lol... I'd still love to hear some feedback from you guys tho please.


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      Why not continue to practice on this one now that it is finished? Do a little article marketing, go to fiverr and get a couple of articles written, spread them around. Do a little backlinking, drive a little traffic, see what develops.

      Worst case is you flip the site for a few hundred down the line.

      Might want to hand it off to someone else to promote for a cut of what it brings in from now on, creating a revenue stream for yourself. I would take you up on that offer in a heartbeat.
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      I agree with moving on to a niche you have more interest in...


      Don't throw away what you've done so far on this niche.

      I already have a site built for this current niche plus a few articles/blogs that are linking to it's home page so I've invested some time and money into this already.
      OK - you're almost "there". Get the site up to about 20-30 pages of content. Submit a few more articles or links on blogs that lead to INSIDE pages of the site. Give the site a week or two more of work to finish it up and add enough pages to give weight.

      Then just let it run for 3-4 months. At that point you might find the site is doing better than you expected. If it's showing signs of life, add 10 more pages of content - submit 10 more articles and let it run for another 3-6 months. That's assuming the topic is one that is long lasting and not one of the trendy sites that quickly become outdated.

      I've seen site owners just throw away their work and take down a site they'd lost interest in. The site is done - just polish it up a bit and then move into a niche you enjoy. It doesn't hurt to keep it going - and it's aging all the time (that's a good thing).


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    I agree with Yukon. No sense in wasting your time and effort on something you aren't passionate about.

    Reflect on your life's interests and hobbies and try to figure out a way you can begin marketing to others who share that passion.

    When you have passion and true love of your market fueling your business nothing will be able to stop you. Best of all it will shine through in your marketing materials and any content you create.

    Then it really won't be work at all and you'll find yourself making great strides towards your goals quicker since you'll be getting so much done in a very small period of time.
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    One month is way too short to be able to evaluate the results, to see what works and what doesn't.

    If you are going to jump to something else after every month - you will never finish anything...

    My $0.02 (CAD)

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      Thanks for your opinions everyone.

      I think I'll have to give that a shot, Kay.

      Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

      My $0.02 (CAD)
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    If you choose to do what Kay suggests, and it's a great suggestion, then
    you'll have more options at that point.

    You may want to think about monetizing with Adsense. John Schwartz,
    whose nick here is Zeus66, is a resident Adsense expert, and I believe he
    has something in his sig about a free ebook (optin) that looks very good
    and informative about Adsense optimization. I mention that because I'm
    about to start using Adsense on some blogs.

    So, my point is you can do that, and if you're making some kind of Adsense
    income, then that will increase the value of the site. Then you can sell it for
    more money.

    I also wanted to say something about your comments regarding the other
    niche you really like but feel it's very competitive. I'm sure it is, taking your
    word for it.

    I recently saw a video by Mike Filsaime and Chris Farrell in which Chris explains
    how he cracked into the digital photography niche by using a different approach.
    Actually, the approach wasn't anything new to me, but still it was a good

    I'll briefly explain it, and you can do the same thing with that competitive niche
    you are really interested in.

    They called it a horizontal entrance. What he did was create a great free
    offer that targeted the digital photography niche. But it did not directly compete
    with the usual DP products, etc.

    He did some good research and created an ebook that explained how digital
    photography enthusiasts can sell their photos. Cool, huh? The thing he stressed
    was that his ebook was extremely well-researched and provided excellent value.

    That horizontal approach, as they called it, worked very well, and he just built a
    list from that. There were other elements in his overall strategy, but that's
    basically how he got his foot in the door in a highly competitive niche.

    You can do the same thing, too.

    So perhaps you can implement Kay's suggestion, and then to satisfy your primal
    needs for something to work on that offers more satisfaction, which is totally
    understandable, you can begin working on your horizontal entrance into that
    other niche.

    Hope that helps, some.

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    I've built a couple of sites and taken them down. I not only took them down, I also lost all the content. That was dumb, dumb, dumb! I can tell you! I have also tried to build sites that I don't have a real passion for and I find the same's really difficult to keep on with the site. However, I've been able to do so with one site and it's doing okay. I can feel for 'ya though. Been there done that. Hope I've learned my lesson! Let us know what you decide to do and good luck.

    I think the idea of flipping the site is excellent. Wish I had known about flipping sites when I took mine down.


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    As long as it's making you a profit, I say do it.

    You can outsource writing stuff you don't know about.

    Generate Unlimited Number of Micro Niche Keywords, Multi-threaded EMD Finder PLUS More!

    50% OFF WSO.
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      If you have already done the work, I would like Kay says, write a few more articles, place some interesting videos on it. And if you can install a little auto posting on it. and then setup adsense on every page.... And then move to something that you are interested in. Even if there is a lot of competition, you can still find a micro-niche inside of the bigger niche which you can develop yous USP. "Something that will make you stand out from the competition from inside of your micro-niche."
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