Setting up a Niche Blog - Is this the way to do it regarding keywords...?

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Hi Warriors...
I'd love your thoughts on this one...

Ok - Just say you want to set up a laser targeted niche blog to focus on ***ONE*** particular keyword / search phrase - for arguments sake lets choose "organic dog food".

My question is if you're uploading articles on a regular basis, is it advisable to make them all about "organic dog food" - ie include the phrase "organic dog food" in the article headline for every article + of course keep all the articles about "organic dog food", using that term a couple of times throughout the article, **OR** is being so laser targeted a bad thing in Google's eyes - would they know you're simply trying to get page one with that keyword.

Any thoughts???

:-) Beaumont
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    I always focus on one keyword but have a lot of supporting keywords to use too so that you don't have the whole site talking about just one word. I don't have any stats to back it up but I'd agree with you and think that would look pretty spammy.
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    The secret is to target your main keyword in your site but then using posts to target other keywords around the same topic.

    So you might have:

    all natural organic dog food
    best organic dog food
    healthy organic dog food
    holistic organic dog food
    homemade organic dog food
    natural balance organic dog food
    natural organic dog food
    organic canned dog food
    organic chicken dog food
    organic dog food
    organic dog food brands
    organic dog food recipe
    organic dog food recipes
    organic dog foods
    organic dry dog food
    premium organic dog food
    raw organic dog food
    timberwolf organic dog food

    Each post then becomes a traffic magnet for your overall term but also targets different sectors of that same niche. This gives you a wider digital real estate while still being focused around your main tiopic.

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      Mmm... I'm getting the picture!!!
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        No you should not target the same keyword in all your articles. For each post target one main keyword and 2 LSI keywords. Go to Google Wonder Wheel to find out all your LSI keywords.
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