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There is one thing I do not understand, (more than one really, but we can start here). Perhaps some light can be shed on it for me?

When it comes to web sites, everyone with a lick of sense seems to be adamant about hosting your own (or paying for the hosting and domains), not using free ones, even those commercially friendly due to they could be deleted anytime as they are relying on 3rd parties. (I agree whole heartedly)

Yet when it comes to a list, a resource that has the potential to bring in multitudes of income beyond what a web site is 'usually' capable of, it is usually outsourced to 3rd parties (though paid).

There are several scripts that can almost duplicate what an email marketing service does, but people recommend 3rd party sites all the time for an income producing resource much larger that almost any other; unless you get lucky with something; or so I hear here all the time, instead of self hosting their list. (Even those with dedicated servers and VPSs!)

I am not sure I understand outsourcing lists and yet being adamant on not using commercially friendly free hosts and domains. In my experience receiving emails, the most common service ends up in my in box (white-list) only 75% of the time and the most expensive option (I know of) only 50% of the time.

The in-box delivery seem (at least for windows live) to have more to do with title and content than sender or service. I understand the risks involved in using your own IP, but if you wouldn't get in trouble with a 3rd party, you shouldn't with your own either. (I assume).Also both services give me the option to 'label them as spam' where as most do not even give me that option.

The reason given to me over the phone for a raise in price for more contacts was that the services had to spend more money in order to keep their servers out of the black lists and the emails into the in-box. The best deliver-ability of all email I get, comes from a service that stays one price between 1 and 1 million contacts.So they don't spend whatever money some of the others claim is necessary (and still have, for me, 100% in-box deliver-ability.

Is it possible blacklist owners extort email services? Though do not ever follow through whether or not they are paid? (in other words, bluff). Or do some email services actually spend more resources to check out-going mail and therefore require more employees? (Given the email I receive, that appears to be a waste of time & money).

This especially comes to my mind since at least one large common service had issues this year twice. Once due to outside influences and one due to services they used. (If I understand their explanations correctly.) Some people I know have customers still being spammed because of an incident 6 months ago.

Call me a dummy, but I do not quite get why one would trust a valuable resource to a third party (paid or unpaid. The agreement always limits liability to the amount the service costs), when they would never do so with lesser resources if they could avoid to. (I understand that hosting is usually third party, and email services are paid, so I can save you that; but when it is not necessary to outsource lists anymore due to strides in scripting, and a $150 script can match everything a third party does, why do IMers still outsource that service? Just seems risky to me (well, not ME,but to someone with 10-1,000K lists),

Even though until recently, it was probably as common as dying in a plane crash or being hit by lightning, as having any problems with 3rd party email companies. I do read threads where people 'seem' to take exception to some of the TOSs of some of the email marketing services. So why use them and not your own script?

Dumb question perhaps, but an interesting one (at least to me) none-the-less, Due to canned spam act,is a PITA to move, (except to your own database), thought I'd see what the consensus was.
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    In email marketing care has to be taken to see to it that we are not dubbed as spammers. Precise use of the opt in and opt out lists is recommended in email marketing.
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    Link building is like a double-edged sword. Swing is wrong and should be cut as short for Internet traffic.

    SEO outsourcing is good, provided you know how they do it, and if they do it correctly. Moreover, as long as they know your goals and objectives do not have any problem. Thorough study of the ability of the outsourcing vendor and open communication between partners can facilitate both target the same objectives.
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      I wouldn't say that you are outsourcing your list, but that you are using an application service provider. There is a reason why nearly everybody does it: It works. I know my own delivery rates and they are way higher than if I would send them through a own system. Maintaining a pretty large list on a own system is combined with to many pitfalls (IMHO!):

      1. If you have some limitations you might end up only to be able to send out some K emails per hour. The rest will vanish and it might seem that you have send them, but actually didn't.

      2. As mentioned above you should use a white listed server, for getting higher delivery rates. This is normally something only the big guns in email marketing (should read companies that offer hosted autoresponders like aWeber) can offer you. Only they have steady contact with the larger email providers, to ensure that your mails will get delivered. aWeber also offers a on the fly spam testing for your mails, something I like.

      3. Maintaining some open source or commercial script can be a PITA. I'd rather have it done by someone else and pay for the service. It is worth the money asked. As the saying goes, the money is in the list!


      PS: Avoid not using double opt-in! You might end up as spammer and then your delivery rates will suck ;-)
      Nothing to sell...
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    if you get email address from some where like Subscrib , it will be easier
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    I understand your caution of outsourcing your lists to a third party (paid or not). I, myself, perfer to use a desktop application in order to ensure the privacy of my data. Try searching in Google: "Free Email Marketing Software" to find a program that better suits your needs AND piece of mind.
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