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i just created my first ebook and i want to know how i can get a free pdf converter that would determine our many time the products can be downloaded by a clients, passworded, really lookin forward to your reply

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    I think you can do all you want, but with different options:

    1.- If you want a Free PDF converter, download open office and it comes
    with a free PDF converter, other options are google documents, just open
    a gmail account and it comes with it, it has a free option to convert PDF

    2.- In order to count how many people have download your ebook, you
    need a script on your website to do this.

    3.- I don't understand very good the part of the password, if you want
    your PDF to be password protected, the Open Office option allows you
    to put a password, if you want a password that prevents people to
    download it with out the password, you can put a password on your
    webpages very easily if you are using Wordpress, is just an option
    you have to click.

    Hope it helps.
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    Could you please clarify if you want to know how often the product has been downloaded or if you want to restrict the numbers of downloads?

    This sentence is less than clear..."...our many time the products can be downloaded..."
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