Selling PLR articles. A question.

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I have been writing for some time now. Mostly for other people and lately a few articles for Ezine promoting my own sites.
The thing is I have often written articles that I know that I will never use. Maybe it has been a subject that I thought I might get into or someone put an order in and changed their mind.

Is there any value in me putting together a few packages of say 10 articles and selling them as a WSO? Whats the ideal amount to sell as PLR? I was thinking of limiting it to 30 sales. That way not a huge number of people will have the same material.

Once I start putting it all together, I think I could cover most of the popular subjects.

The last question. If I make a wso selling 10 articles as PLR. I am basically saying that whoever buys can use the articles as they see fit. Is that right?

It always amazes me, that learning something simply opens up the door to a room full of questions.
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    Hi Andy,

    putting together 10 articles is quite a small package. The usual PLR package has 100s of articles included which brings up the questions why members should buy your mini package.

    I think it matters very much what niches you actually cover. Obviously if you are the only one in the niche you have better chances than being number 324.

    I would also think of providing additional benefits to buyers. Have you eg. considered to make your articles spinnable? Spinnable articles are obviously much more painful to write but they command a much higher price as well.

    Just some random thoughts from my side. Hope it helps!
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    Yes, thanks for the reply. I had really thought that 10 really good quality articles would have been worth something to someone. I get what you say about 100's of articles, but I imagine that that would be low quality.

    Each article that I write can be published straight away. I take your point though. I will have give it some more thought.

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      I made some decent money, relative to the time I spent, selling PLR packs. This was a few years ago, but I sold packs of 5 and limited it to 25 packs sold. They all sold out within a day or two, and they made me a couple of hundred bucks a piece.

      Having said that, I got lucky, but in an instructive way. The reason they sold out so fast was because they were about subjects related to a huge selling product, and there was very little PLR available for that. I probably could have sold a 100 of each pack. If you're going to try to sell PLR in the evergreen niches, like weight loss or dog training, you're going to find that the market is oversaturated and sales will probably be sparse.

      My experience with PLR otherwise has been hit or miss. You're going to have the most success with PLR if you either figure out how to get ahead of the marketing trends or if you take a long term view and build a library of articles to sell. Or offer a subscription service.
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      Many of the better known plr writers here (for example Rosie Cottis) sell in small packages of 10. Whether people buy though depends on the subject, the quality, and sometimes how well known you are.

      Edit: Justin said it better as I was writing this!
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    sure, package and sell them - if they are good it will be one way of attracting
    new clients for custom work (if you want that)
    heck,if they are not used may as well get something for them
    I think it's a good idea to be very specific about rights - make sure it's clear they can't be resold - this will increas value - something like....
    [YES] May put your name as author
    [YES] May change, add, or remove content
    [YES] May use for article content
    [YES] May be converted into reports
    [YES] May be repackaged into multi-media products
    [NO] May sell at any price
    [NO] May be offered as a bonus with paid products
    [NO] May be sold as a private label rights product
    [NO] May be sold as a resale rights product
    [NO] May be sold as a master resale rights product
    [NO] May give away for free
    [NO] May be included in free websites
    30 sounds like a reasonable number of sets
    may be a good idea to set up a site dedicated to the sales like
    I am working on a site devoted to PLR Articles
    and have just added a section for listing limited edition PLR Articles for sale
    chuckle - I'd be pleased if you were my first listing
    Premium PLR Articles for sale | Forum | My PLR Articles Library
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      Originally Posted by PeterSparks View Post

      Hi Andy,

      putting together 10 articles is quite a small package. The usual PLR package has 100s of articles included which brings up the questions why members should buy your mini package.
      The usual package that contains 100s of articles are almost always very old or terrible or both. Selling 5 or 10 brand new, well-written articles as PLR is perfectly fine and you'll find that 10 is pretty much the standard. As a matter of fact, it's usually better because more people don't want a huge package. They just want some good stuff they can use now in a particular niche.

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        Tina, thats kind of what I was thinking. 10 good articles can be used and not just clog up the hard drive.

        Thanks for your input.

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