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How many times have we heard about the importance of having a USP? About being just a little (or alot) different than your competition?

I saw a nice (and humorous) offline example of this last night while watching a segment of a television show called "Diners, drive-ins and dives" on the food channel.

It seems that two guys in Los Angeles started a restaurant chain called Don Chow that serves cuisine that is a fusion of Chinese and Mexican. As an example, they offer Chinese BBQ tacos or their version of a "Chinese tamale" called a chimale. As in kung pao chicken chimale.

What? Not a big enough USP for you? OK, then how about this. Their restaurants are not brick and mortar buildings but are in fact food vending trucks that travel to various locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County on any given day.

In addition to a USP, you obviously have to have a good product if your going to stay in business though right? Well, apparently Don Chows food is so good that they have developed quite a local following. Want to know where one of their trucks is going to be next? You could always check their website. (Mods: This is not an affiliate link) Of course, if you are one of the thousands of people that follow them on Twitter you won't have to do that as they tweet their locations throughout the week!

All in all, I was laughing all through the segment as I thought about how just a little bit of creative thought and innovation can not only set you apart from the rest of your competition but can potentially make you alot of money in the process.
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