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If I'm submitting articles to various directories to get backlinks going... do you put a link only in the resource box / author bio? or do you also put a link in the body of the article? I'm thinking if the articles get picked up by other sites the link in the body of the article could be important?

Also, how many articles do you do for each article directory that point to the same domain? I have to think you lose effectiveness the more you do for the same website?
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    Do not put alink in the article, just in the author bio or you will end up ranking that article instead of your website.

    Do as many links as you can with the same alt tag, it does not matter, the more the merrier.


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    Depending on the articles directories, some of them only allow you to put in the resource box / author bio.

    Personally I would put in the resource box / author bio only as putting links in the articles will appear to be too spamming.
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    You can get free article writing help from Content Crooner on their prices page. Just scroll down to the "Get started quickly and easily" section to download the checklist and Insider's Guide.
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      I generally insert a couple of links in to the resoruce/sig box. One using relevant anchor text and one just using the plain URL.

      As to how many articles on each directory pointing to the same domain - as many as you can. A backlink is a backlink plus each one brings with it the opportunity for the click-through and more traffic to your site.


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