A Simple List Management Tip That Can Add $50 A Day To Your Bottom Line

by Steven Wagenheim 4 replies
This tip is for people who promote more than one product. If all you have is
one product to promote, this really doesn't apply to you.

If you're a product creator who has multiple products or are an affiliate who
promotes multiple products, a trap you probably fall into is this one.

A. Product one comes out or you create it.

B. You promote product one.

C. Product two comes out or you create it.

D. You abandon product one and solely promote product two.

And so on.

Eventually, and this is especially true for product creators who create
many products, you have old products that may very well be still viable
that you no longer promote to your list.

Big mistake!

If you have a product that is still viable (meaning it's not outdated) why
not try this?

If you have an Aweber account (I don't know how other ARs work so
can't apply this to them) go to your broadcast function and choose all
subscribers from the last 30 days and promote one of your old offers to

If you have enough products to promote and your list grows on a regular
basis, even if you don't promote something everyday (even just a few
times a week) you can easily make, on average, $50 a day extra income.

It may not sound like a lot, but at the end of the month it's $1,500 that
you wouldn't have had because you let those old products die as if they
didn't ever exist.

Remember, just because your OLD list members might have seen them
and either bought or passed on the offer, doesn't mean that new list
members can't be responsive to it.

They NEVER saw it the FIRST time.

This is the same problem people seem to have in marketing overall. They
think that because a product has been around for a while that they're not
going to be able to sell it because everybody has seen it.

Wrong! Every has NOT seen it. There are new people coming online every
single day.

If you are a member of Paul Myers' list, you will see him pitch things that
he pitched months or even years ago.

He knows that there are always going to be new people who didn't see
the old products. And if they're still viable, why not promote them?

So don't forget your old products. There IS a market for them. And as long
as they still have value and will TRULY help others, there is nothing wrong
with promoting them.

No matter how old they are.
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    Nice one Steven. Of course, if you have a blast sequence set in your autoresponder then all new folks will see your old stuff as well and you can do a broadcast whenever you want also as you say.

    Extra money never hurts!
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    Excellent tip, Wags. For those who don't know how Aweber works, you can add something to your AR sequence, and everyone on your list who hasn't gotten anything from you in a while will get it. That way, it becomes part of your regular sequence for all the new people signing up, but the older folks will get it like it's a broadcast blast. This is an extremely useful feature!

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    Funny thing is Steven, is that I just sent an email to my list for a product I created a year ago.

    The reason why I sent it is because I added an upsell to it and can make even more money with it.

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