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Hey everyone,

I am looking to expand my business. I have been working offline for a couple of years now, and I have built a strong (small) customer base. I do video production (commercials, training videos, etc) for businesses small and large. I have been hearing ads on the radio for Sales Genie. When I looked it up online, I also found Manta. I assume these sites give you targeted leads, but I'm not sure if they work. I am a little afraid they just distribute lists of businesses to their customers.

Has anyone used these sites? Do they work? Is there any better alternatives? Any advice will be helpful.

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    A: Create your customer profile before you try to create a lead list.

    Who is your perfect customer? Independent business owners, large corporations, people who fall into the 2 mil per year income bracket, little ole ladies with poodles?

    Decide who your perfect prospect is.

    Then: use the selection criteria at sales genie, or go leads or whatever, manta... to hone down a list of prospects who fit your perfect customer profile...

    The difference between list companies is this:

    Some allow you to select more specific criteria than others... Having extensive experience; Sales genie is the best my second choice is go leads.

    Hope this helps.


    Ps. Yes it does make a huge difference. It doesn't make the sales for you automatically, but you can select things like "Only businesses with NO WEBSITE"... so it cuts out alot of "suspecting" and gets you right down to the "prospecting".
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