Beware of evoice! My mistakes and how you can learn from them!

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So I just wanted to give you guys a little warning of something i'm dealing with right now.

Back in february I applied for the evoice 6 month trial. Everything was fine, the service was what I wanted and it was good.

About 3 months into the trial I called the company and told whoever I spoke to that I had no need for the account anymore so I wanted it to be closed before the trial ended so that I wouldn't have to pay an additional month. He said it wasn't a problem and I assumed it was done (mistake #1).

I hadn't heard anything more of the account since, I assumed it was closed because I hadn't received any emails at all.

On aug 7th I started getting emails from them demanding payment..and it didnt make any sense to me because I had closed the account and shouldn't be asked to pay. So I ignored them (mistake #2).

On saturday night I got a final email saying the account has been deactivated and that I would be sent to collections if i don't pay within 24 hours.

I immediately called them and was told that there was nothing they could do because of the weekend. So I called back today, gave the case number, and was sent to a "higher up"....i was told by him that the account has been completely closed but he can't waive the payment.

Now heres the kicker... according to them, they have no record of me ever calling the company (before saturday) in other words i'm being charged for something I haven't used, something I called and said I didn't want, and on top of it all i'm being told that they never even received a call. Great !

So lets look at my mistakes:

Mistake #1 - The first time I called I should have gotten the persons name, gotten a case number, and kept them both in my records. I should have also followed up for the next week or two to make sure my account was completely closed.

Mistake #2 - If you get an email asking for payment from something, you should never ignore it. It was a big mistake of mine and i'm sure I wasn't thinking correctly. But the point is, take the time to call and see if anything can be done about it. Chances are, if you got the email then it was sent to the right person since it is all handled automatically. Don't ignore it!

So yeh in the future:

In the future I will be keeping records of all my calls to any company (important ones). By records I mean the persons name and a case number.

I will also be taking any invoices I receive to be 100% serious and calling if I have a dispute.

Anyway, that's my lesson for anyone who needs to learn it.

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    Evoice is about $8.99 per month, so if you ran it up a couple months, I doubt they would send any collection agency after you, because thats cheap. I just used a prepaid visa, so they can't send any collections after me. Technically they should just charge the visa on your account.

    They won't do anything to you Gregg, they can't take your money.


    Caleb Spilchen

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