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Well I'm just getting started creating a squidoo lens and have been busy learning how to add px and borders to my lens etc. But I do have some questions on getting keywords and how to use them. I used google's keyword tool and came up with some keywords related to a product I'm promoting which shows competition but still room to grow. My question is this, the keywords don't make sense if you put them together. For example, guitar lessons beginners. Should I incorporate that into a sentence like " Guitar lessons that are best for beginners can be found out...........etc. to make the keywords make sense when reading an article. Does google still pick up the words?

Also, is adworks free?

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    I'd suggest using your keywords in a "natural" way so the whole lens reads well though use them together if opportunity permits.

    The whole lens should get picked up and crawled and your readers will enjoy a lens which is informative and makes sense to them.


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    So in order for me to use those keywords I would have to put them in a sentence to have them sound "natural" as a reader is reading them.
    Thanks that makes sense.
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      Yes - that's about the size of it.

      Once you have the hang of creating your lens you can think about branching out in to other areas. perhaps create your own blog for example.

      Every little helps....

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    Just think out of the box. With most keywords you can make something that makes sense.

    For example "Any guitar lesson beginners here? Check this out"
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      Originally Posted by MeghanK View Post

      You'll probably not get what I'm about to say, but the word phrase "Guitar lessons beginners" is some kind of permutation. People aren't actually searching for that.. It has a 2% PBR score in Market Samurai.

      So don't worry about the keyword order.

      I did further research and found that your best option is "Beginner guitar lessons"
      What Meghan is explaining is your word order is wrong, and not the commonly searched order for the words. With a 2% PBR (Phrase to Broad Match Ratio) only 2% of the time do people actually type the words in that order.

      As she is pointing out Market Samurai is a powerful tool to evaluate your keywords. You can get a free demo of it from Noble Samurai - Targeted Internet Marketing and the keyword function stays active even after the demo ends, it just shuts down a ton of great added features.

      With Market Samurai you can put your phrase in as a keyword, and choose to "Add Permutations" which basically inserts the keywords in all orders possible, and then you can analyze the different phrases to see what the Phrase to Broad Match Ratio is for each order of those keywords.

      As you research using Market Samurai or the Google Keyword Tool take careful note of related phrases, too. Those phrases are ideal to use in your lens to increase the relevancy of the article to Google.
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    This a can a tricky one.

    First you need to know if the keyword is actually the right keyword.

    What does this mean? Well, in Google´s keyword tool they can show a keyword such as:

    "play guitar begginers"

    They can say that it gets 3000 searches per month but in reality it´s not that keyword at all. The real keyword could be "Begginers Play Guitar"

    Strange, yes.

    I found this out in the early days that some keywords are not what they seem at first.

    Really, you should identify if its the right keyword which gets searches. If it is, then yes, you need to have the actual keyword as written in your site. Some people may see it as a typing mistake but it has to be exactly as written for it to count in SEO

    If you have any quesitons please feel free to ask

    Good Luck!
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