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Hello, I recently acquired a giveaway event manager software. I participate in lots of the events and really like them. I now want to dive in and host my own event.

I'm wondering how I should go about doing this? I would obviously start here at WF and post a WSO and probably even a classified ad here also. But how do I promote this to the rest of the IM community? I know the most likely place to start (outside of WF) who be my list. However, I don't think this would help attract many JV/Contributors as my list is mostly newbies. So while I would be able to get some members from my lists, my main worry/concern/question is how to attract Contributors.

Also, how much promotion should I plan to do, specifically how long should I start promoting it before it opens. I would obviously like to gain the most ppl, but in return I don't want to drag out the promotion part of it for so long that people forget about the event. Also, for what amount of time do you think I should run the event? I was thinking about 2 weeks as It seems like the events I've participated in start to lose their effectivesness after this period of time.

Thanks for any contributions and thanks for reading.
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    Based on the giveaway events I've witnessed that target the "IM" crowd, this is what I would do if I were to host a give away event targeting that market segment (not planning on it):
    Segment the giveaway -
    Traffic, Product/Offer Development, Conversion

    Define sub-categories for each segment-
    Traffic- PPC, SEO, Article Marketing, Social Media, Marketing, etc.

    Product/Offer Development - Product Creation, Outsourcing content creation, Setting up Joint Ventures, etc.

    Conversion - Copywriting, testing & tracking, design, etc
    Allow only one vendor participant for each sub-category that made the final cut.

    Commit all "joining" fees paid by participants to promoting the event. (Not sure how well it would work, but maybe try auctioning off the spots since there is only 1 per specialty/sub-category)

    Establish a pre-launch review panel (either paid **I pay them** or volunteer) to make sure the offers included are of high enough value. If not, refund and replace that vendor.

    Get a commitment from each participant (or as many as possible) to do a follow up Q & A telesiminar or webinar with me on their topic after the event is over. At the end pitch their OTO, upsell, content site, or whatever they want (with my affiliate link). Share rights to the resulting content.

    Assemble the teleseminar and/or webinar recordings and transcripts into a membership site (free or paid).

    Promote the membership site to the entire list from the give away event.

    Get the event participants to promote the membership site to their lists through their affiliate links. If the membership site is free, put together a paid "premium" level so they can earn commissions.

    Put together a coaching program to offer to members of the paid level.

    This are just some rough ideas. But that's the outline I'd start with if I was going to do it (again, I have no plans to ).
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    I'm wondering how I should go about doing this? I would obviously start here at WF and post a WSO and probably even a classified ad here also. But how do I promote this to the rest of the IM community?
    This is how I sponsor giveaway events:

    Someone like you wants to have a giveaway - we will work out the details and what people have to do to enter.

    I'll start a thread in my forum about the giveaway, and put a notice at the top of the forum with a link to the thread. My forum gets around 10,000 - 12,000 unique visitors a day, so just the link can give you some exposure to non-forum members.

    I'll send out my monthly newsletter to my forum membership. Currently this is going to about 26,000 - 27,000 people. The top of the newsletter will detail your giveaway and what people have to do to enter, with a link to the forum thread and your homepage included.

    I'll post a sticky on my blog with information about the giveaway, and a link to the thread and your homepage.

    If you send me a free sample, I'll make a youtube video about it.

    But I'am not in the IM market. So my services will be of no use to you.
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    Well, if you're not friends with other top giveaway contributors make friends with them (Skype is great for this) offer to help them in exchange for promotion of your giveaway
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    Wow! These are quality posts! Thanks so much for the information! This is a major help! Not very often 3 posts can answer all my questions and then some! Okay, Now I just have to play with this software then put this plan into motion!

    I just thought of a few more questions. . .

    Should I register a separate domain for the giveaway? Also, I will more then likely have a friend partner with me on this. So how would I 'split' this with him. I mean the list. Should we just use the 'share' feature I've noticed in Aweber? Or should we purchase some script that will randomly add them to two separate lists (like every other one time thing?)

    Thanks Again for great info
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      Originally Posted by Coby View Post

      Should I register a separate domain for the giveaway?
      Why would you want to register a separate domain name? Once you have a few giveaways, it turns into bragging rights.

      You can proudly list the giveaways that you have had, and use that list to get people to register on your list.

      My forum has had a giveaway every month for the past year - I think there was 1 month were we did not have one. Stuff like that is a powerful marketing factor. In todays economy people are looking for every little free thing they can get.
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