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by LC
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I posted last week about being new and a bit confused about IM. Is there a thread or part of the site aimed specifically at Newbies?

Some lovely people replied but I am still unsure about what to do. A lot of the terms don't mean anything to me despite doing some research.

I want to get started and could do with a product that explains every aspect of it to me; the terminology (what's an offline business, what's a squeeze site - or is it page?? etc etc); which routes I could take to start up and how they earn me money (for example I don't understand how a website earns money without selling products); do I need to buy a website?; how much expertise or training I need; how much investment realistically do I need to start up?; the best route to start and then build on etc. Can anyone recommend anything that explains all of this? Or is that the $6m question??

I just don't know what to invest in to enable me to start up. So many products being offered in so many different parts of the business.

I can't send PMs so apologies to the person who offered to help me last week.

Many thanks in advance for your patience. I didn't think I was thick but I'm beginning to wonder :confused:
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      Well Holy Palooka!! I must admit I hadn't discovered that resource myself - newbies or no, that's a great section for just about anyone who doesn't already know everything about everything. So thanks for that, JDArchitecture

      But listen, LC - you've just joined the Warrior Forum this month I see, so no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed.
      Be patient with yourself, and with the forum, and pieces of the jigsaw will start to join up

      I'm not aware of any definitive guides to all the terminology - but don't worry about that. You will assimilate gradually. JD's recommendation above is clearly a boon. The other one being the War Room - quite a few things on offer there to help newbies.

      Above all you will learn most by DOING, and failing. Much more important than knowledge is getting your juices flowing! You begin to understand what you NEED to know as you go along, and learn to funnel the info overload into what will be useful to YOU.

      Start doing something simple, specific and focused -- and designed to make money. Get yourself a simple easy to understand guide to a very specific method of making money. Anything you don't understand about that specific procedure is what will be useful do you. You are told you need to do ABCDEFG. But you don't know but B is and you don't know what E is. So great - THAT's what you need to find out. Don't get concerned about anything else.

      You can ask as many questions as you like on the forum. People here love specific questions. They hate "hey, how do you guys make money?" Start a notebook and keep notes.

      Look through the threads every day and see what everybody else is asking. Some threads will be waaaay over your head - (mine too:confused . Skip 'em. All you are looking for is what's useful to get you from A to G in your current project.

      Where to get your "easy to understand guide?"
      First try all the resources mentioned above.
      Next I would say the WSO - Warrior Special Offers section. You can get amazing value for money, and it can be incredibly helpful, though a bit of a minefield!

      You are not likely to get out-and-out conned, that is not what I mean - WSO's are very well monitored by the Moderators. But remember that all the offers are being made by MARKETERS and so everything will sound like it is the answer to your prayers. But not everything will be suitable for YOU.
      So apply the following filters:

      1. Look for something that is specific and simple. Make sure the offer states outright that it is suitable for absolute newbies.

      2. Look through the comments below the offer and and only consider offers which are heartily endorsed by a good number of the major respected players on this forum - you won't know them all by sight yet, but high post counts, and longevity are good indicators. These people do not endorse WSO's or their authors without basis. Also again you can look for some confirmation in the comments that it is indeed suitable for newbies.

      3. Look for the product owner's presence in the comments section, too - are they answering everyone's queries promptly and succinctly? Chances are they will offer great customer support as well.

      4. Avoid those making extravagant income claims, especially if they are also accompanied by claims of "zero effort" or similar! But you knew that already, didn't you!!?

      5. (THIS IS THE BIGGEST PITFALL) DON'T become a WSO addict. Most people buy one after another after another looking for a magic pushbutton formula. In reality the best systems will always require some hard graft, and if you are not prepared to see it through, you won't ever benefit from being here at all. So take what you've bought and see it through from beginning to end. If anything is unclear you are perfectly within your rights to contact the author and ask about it.

      If you get something like that and see it through, chances are you won't come out rich, but you will make money, and with that comes a buttload of confidence that you never knew you had!. You also won't come out knowing all there is to know - but you'll come out with a better idea of what you need to know.

      Hope all this helps a little -- I've been careful to speak only from experience here!!

      I wish you the best
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        Originally Posted by kenboss View Post

        5. (THIS IS THE BIGGEST PITFALL) DON'T become a WSO addict. Most people buy one after another after another looking for a magic pushbutton formula.
        I agree with Ken!

        The other core issue is people get caught cycling through the forum itself, over and over and over, bouncing from one thread to the next.

        Avoid the emotional drive to do so - keep your head out of your monitor - THINK about what you are reading and how it fits with your likes, dislikes, business model/desires, etc.

        If you hate to do graphics or have no graphics skill and zero desire to learn, don't spend time scanning every post in a graphics creation thread. Focus on those threads that appeal to you at some level - that alone may help you discover what you want to do.

        All success,


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      That's a great little trick I did not know, and very useful! Thanks so much for posting it.
      Deirdre J. Baker
      CEO - Superior Business Management Solutions, LLC
      Support Services for Small Biz and Entrepreneurs

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    You can also use the search function at the top of the page. That way you can find exactly what you're looking for.
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    I would suggest just looking around in this forum.

    Also, it seems like you are already a War Room member. That forum is another great resource because there are tons of great things

    My advice would be to figure out a plan and stick to it. You are NOT going become successful overnight and you shouldn't allow yourself to think that you will. Keep at it and the best will turn out in the long run.
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    Use the search bar and type in newbie threads or beginners affiliate, or Internet marketing.

    Be like a sponge and soak up all the information you can. Learn, learn, learn for success.

    After all this is a business you have to get over the learning curve. Good luck!
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      Hi LC,

      I've actually made a couple rather lengthy posts about how beginners can get started with the whole IM game. I'll link you to them, and the reason is because not only are they for people just starting out, but they're both methods you can et off the ground in under a week for under $10, so they're definitely worth checking out (to me):

      Both are blueprints I personally use to make money online.

      In addition to those, there are new threads on how beginners can make money online popping up seemingly every day. I'd recommend checking out some methods, seeing what seems doable, them just jump into it. Don't overanalyze things, just move
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me, I love this forum, there are so many great people willing to help. I will follow your links and work out which road to go down but I can't promise I won't be back!!

    Thanks especially to Ken who has given me so much information in the one post. Looks like the link from JDArchitecture is great too and has helped other people which is fantastic.

    I've already printed out about 200 pages of posts from this forum so that I can keep web addresses that are quoted and the user names of people who have helped me in case I need to go back to them. I also find it easier to read in my armchair when relaxing than sat at the PC (sorry trees, I do use re-cycled and pre-used paper!!).

    I just can't wait to get started and no, I don't expect to be earning megabucks straight away, I'm realistic enough to know that it takes time to build. I'd like to get my investment back (once I decide what to invest in!!!) then any more would be a bonus. I like to do a lot of research before embarking on something new, it's just the way I work. There has to be a time though I guess when I have to say - enough, just go for it.

    Thanks again fellow warriors - you're all great.

    LC xx
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      LC thanks for your thanks, but it must have been the late hour, I don't know what I was thinking when I said there was no definitive guide on IM terms -- there are actually a number of online resources which are excellent, and one of which I use all the time:

      Internet Marketing Glossary

      Internet Marketing Dictionary (that's the one I like)

      In fact I am going to post them in the main forum for all to see, because I know there are a lot of bewildered folks out there.

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