The "Traffic Formula"

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This has been said many times, but i caught myself doing a mistake.

Many of us wonder "How to get Traffic" we go and build our Squidoo lenses or Blogs or Pages, we submit and build links.

But we oversee something crucial:


I was building several niche sites and squidoos over the last weeks, and it dawned on me how "commercial" some of them looked.

Example: Building a squidoo lens covering a digital product, and then use images of ebook covers. Every visitor immediately would get turned off since its obvious i want to sell a guide, from the images alone.

The squidoo page should NOT look like a sales-page.

So..i keep adding content on my lenses...and i started to replace some pictures making them more "personal" or related to the subject.

The lens/site should already give a "visual impression" that there is valuable content...and NOT just a clone of some squeeze page for the product you promote.

Example, if i promote a gaming guide with a review of the can very well look legit..have some valuable content...and NOT put off visitors right at the beginning with an "ecover" product shot.

This is important for "social" would be another story if i post a similar review on an IM site where it's assumed that ebooks will be reviewed.

It is, however, possible to actually "disguise" a blatant sales-pitch blog/review...and then add images and "tame" the whole impression of the site..making it "less commercial" looking just by the visuals alone.

The problem is that we IMers are used to the "typical squeeze page" look, but this just does not fly on squidoo, digg, propeller, you name it..where the TRAFFIC is.

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    I agree. If people don't come to your site a second and a third time, you are not doing something right. You can't "just market" the site. You have to have a plan for when they get there or you will lose almost every time.
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      Hi Georg,

      I think you have just mentioned the most important thing in IM - providing HIGH Quality Content be it in the ebook, blogs, pages, websites and so on.

      People are looking for quality tips or advice to their problems or whatever issues they are facing. They are seeking help to get it solved.

      If a content is useless or BS, they wont come back anymore.

      However if it is of a high value content, they are going to come back, bring along their friends, check out your ebooks, products and service and many more.

      Ask yourself what kind of content you want...the answer is HIGH value of course.

      My 2 cents,
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    I totally agree. No matter how high your PR is or regardless of the high number of your site's unique visitors, when your site does not contain quality content, people won't waste their time going back to your site or clicking on your ads.
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      Another benefit of quality content is that it will last a long time. I have many sites where I
      wrote very long, very useful articles. People still visit and link to that content because it is
      high quality and low on fluff.

      Yin "win" in the search engines when real people want to read what you write. They link to
      you, the engines notice, then they bump you up. Humans indirectly drive what is happening,
      not the bots and spider like so many people think.

      You can drive traffic like crazy but unless you have something great, you're wasting time
      and a ton of money.

      ~ John

      Important message from John S. Rhodes:
      I think you're awesome.

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