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As many of you know, my niche is Horror Movies. I have a horror movie blog, review site (~500 uniques daily) and mailing list (~1200 people).

I recently discovered a source for Horror Movie Posters that are either public domain or otherwise cheap. They cost me $1.13, and they sell for $9.00. I've been selling them on the site for a while, and I've done price testing all the way down to $4.00, and the price doesn't seem to have much change to sales. As long as the total cost is under $10, it all seems to be the same to the buyers. I'm able to sell 1-5 of these per day.

My supplier (sorry, not divulging) now that I've bought over 1000 of these from him is considering starting a drop-ship relationship for me. He'd be willing to do $2.75/each, shipped. This is interesting to me, as it means I'm no longer limited by my stock on hand or my time, and I can sell as many as I want -- and instead of only having the 10 choices I could afford, I can use his catalog of 100s.

However, I don't think there's growth to be had from selling to my customers/readers.

So, how would you sell a low-value good like this?

1. PPC -- Assuming a 4% CR, I would have to have the lowest CPC ever, like about 12 cents. And it would have to be on Horror Key words. Not sure that's a winning strategy.
2. Organic Search -- Very few people search for "Horror Posters" so it seems unlikely this would make much of a difference.
3. Affiliates? Even if I offered $5/sale, is that even worth it to me/affiliates?
4. Ebay?

Anyone have any good ideas? I'm afraid to let this opportunity go by...
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    eBay all the way... seeing how its the most targeted marketplace ever with over 200 million buyers, try it out I guarentee you can expand your business greatly using it. I would also suggest giving a go with PPC since theres not much competition.

    Also JVing with similar sites, just search around and find similar horror movies sites and contact the owners and see if theirs anyway you can set up a JV or traffic swap.
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