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Hello fellow Warriors!

I'm a new member and grateful to have access to like minded people. I'm sure I'll be bouncing ideas off of you and hopefully can use my limited knowledge to help others.

I want to further increase my understanding of CSS and was thinking about getting the new book by Sitepoint (Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong.)

Is this a good choice and do you have any other suggestions?

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    I actually like SitePoint's books pretty well. Also, SitePoint has some great tutorials that are free.
    (I am somewhat biased as I am a Mentor there).
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Rachel Andrew's CSS Anthology is the best. After that you can get The Art & Science of CSS. If you are just starting try CSS: Designing without tables, as that leads you through everything you need to know via a project. To understand design there is The Principles of Beautiful Design. There is also the CSS Reference, which is hardbacked.

    Finally, there is a Friends of Ed book I own and recommend after you've got done with Designing without tables: CSS Mastery.

    So if we were to look at it like a course it would be this:

    The Principles of Beautiful Design > Designing Without Tables > The Art & Science of CSS > CSS Mastery and for reference (you really can't live without this one) The CSS Anthology and the CSS Reference.

    With the exception of CSS Mastery they are all Sitepoint books. I highly recommend them. You can get them in a pack (book + PDF), book only or PDF only.
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    I have no opinion about the book however you might want to checkout CSS Tutorial, This is the only place I've learned CSS and so far I am able to create just about any CSS layout I want to do from that resource, it's free

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    By the title of the thread I thought somebody will give ma an e-book ^^
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    Well, I have almost every CSS book there is. You can call me a CSS Geek!

    Personally, and I've read most of them... the best is Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm. Here's a link (Not Affiliate) to amazon: Amazon.com: Bulletproof Web Design: Improving...Amazon.com: Bulletproof Web Design: Improving...
    Check out the reviews of this book...

    After you read this the next one should be:
    CSS Mastery

    One last note, check out lynda.com for great CSS videos these are nice way to learn as well. Lynda.com is only $25/mo.

    Hope this helps,

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    Corey made a good call. Try Lynda.com and look at the CSS training by Eric Meyer...

    CSS Web Site Design - lynda.com Online Training Library®

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