What would be good questions to ask an SEO Company?

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To be sure I choose a reliable SEO, what questions could I ask to feel more confident it is the right one?

If I ask "how or what" then obviously they keep it vague (which i understand, nobody wants to actually TELL the techniques).


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    1) Who are your clients, what are the URLs of their websites, and what keywords have you done for them?

    Then go to Google, enter the keywords, and see where their clients are displayed on the results returned. Do realize that the more obscure the keyword, the easier it is to get a good ranking.

    If any of their clients holds the Number One position, ask the SEO:

    2) How long did it take you to get that for the client?

    Pay attention to how many of their clients hold the Number One position. Ask the above question for each that do.

    If none hold the Number One position, don't use that SEO.

    Last but not least, don't believe them. Contact the websites and verify that they are really clients of that SEO and that they used that SEO to do SEO for them.
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    I think if the SEO company doesn`t want to tell you the techniques they use, they are not good, because there should be no secrets in how they will help you gain more customers via search engines. Just my thoughts.
    You may want to read this blog post 55 SEO Interview Questions
    Hope this helps a bit
    Have a nice day!
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    If a SEO company has on their website that they "Guarantee 1st page rankings", I would stay away from them. The ones that use this tactic will get your ranked for either your company name or a long tail keyword that has very little traffic.

    When talking with prospective companies, make sure you clearly identify your goals. Give them a set up of keywords and a realistic time line of where you want to rank, ie. 1 month: 4th page, 3 months; second page, 6 months; first page (competitive market).

    Any reputable company will give you a list of clients they have worked with in the past, as well as contact references at those companies so you can follow up. Be sure to Google any complaints for them as well, and check industry forums, blogs, and anything else you can find.

    Good Luck!
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