Have I been infiltrated?

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Out of curiosity, I entered my product keywords, which are fairly unique, into Google just to see what other sites came up.

Imagine my surprise when I came across a site called 'filestube' that has what I presume to be MY very own product as a FREE download to it's members.

Now, I can't say for sure it is my product, because I wasn't going to pay the fees just to find out, but it has exactly the same name (granted it's in anchor text), but...

Has anyone had this happen to them or heard of this site and more to the point, has my site/download page been hacked?

Cheers, Ray
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    I don't know anything about the site you mentioned, but it appears to be a site for finding files hosted on filesharing sites.

    Hard to say what might have happened, but these are possibilities...

    Your download page could have been accessed if it's not protected.

    A customer could have bought your product to upload it.

    It could be a knock-off product using your title to give the impression it is yours.

    Or it could be a coincidence.

    More than likely, someone got your product (either by buying it or finding an unsecured download page) and put it up on a filesharing site. It doesn't necessarily mean your site has been hacked. There is insufficient data for a determination on that one way or another.

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    Happens all the time. Pirate sites selling people's products. Either they found your download page or someone bought it for the sole purpose of selling it, but it's not uncommon. You can try a DMCA notice to the hosting site. I've had that work with a couple of them.
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