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Hi everybody...

A couple days ago I contacted a blogger about purchasing his blog. He mentioned not having enough time to work on it regularly anymore, so I contacted him about buying his site. He was curious and asked me to send him a proposal (there are other factors in play besides just the cash payment, which I won't go into here). He got my proposal and said he would put some thought into it.

Now I am getting ready to follow up with him a week later. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on the angle I should take? If you were trying to buy someone's money site, which is HIS site, he created all the content. He isn't an "IM Guy", just an authority blogger. So there is some level of pride on selling it...

What approach would you take?
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    There is always the direct approach:

    I made you an offer for your blog. You don't have time for it, but it's really good, and I want it. What's holding you back from accepting my offer?

    Depending on your relationship, you may want to phrase it a bit more diplomatically, but...
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    You don't have to be too aggressive. Just send a quick
    not to inquire if he received your last email and had
    some time ton consider your proposal. If you appear
    too eager this will only send up the value for the seller
    and hence the price for you.

    -Ray Edwards
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