Newbies: overwhelmed and need a glossary?

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Internet Marketing not your mother tongue?

You should find almost everything you need here:

Internet Marketing Dictionary

Internet Marketing Glossary

I like the first one best. I know I'm not the first to quote these links by any means, but I just happen to have run across a lot of newbies asking about what this or that means, and these are two resources which I have found very useful, so thought it might be helpful to stick them up in a thread.

Some have said "I didn't understand this and I tried googling this term or that term...." that is a very patchy way to use the internet. I found these originally by googling "internet marketing glossary" and that was that.

-- yes, you too can be jabbering like an IM geek in no time --
Have a demystifying day...

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    I know that I am not impartial here, but you can also check out the eBiz ROI Internet marketing glossary. If you don't see something defined, use the email on that page, send us an inquiry and we'll research the term or acronym for you and email back a response. Don't believe me, why not give it a try. There must me some Internet marketing TLA (three letter acronym ;-) or jargon that we can help you with!

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    Thanks for this, there are some terms I wonder what they mean like ROI?

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