How to Pay Affiliates Instantly Per *LEAD* vs. per SALE?

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Everyone seems to rave about Rapid Action Profits for doing viral reports (esp. 100% commission reports) or getting quick affiliate buy in...

Well let's say you wanted to have your own sort of CPA (cost per action) program where you paid affiliates for generating leads and not sales?

Any ideas, insights, etc on how you would go about doing that? Is there a special way to configure some of the pre-existing scripts out there?

I guess the big question that comes to my mind is how would both the affiliate and the merchant be able to have accurate records for the leads that came in (if you were using a service like a weber and sent the leads directly to your autoresponder, how would you keep track of the optins?)
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    You would need an affiliate platform like HasOffers, DirectTrack, HitPath, LinkTrust, etc. or your own custom built in-house platform, which does the tracking/generating individual affiliate links, as well as billing system for both affiliates and merchants.
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    Thanks! I actually found a brilliant way to do it easily from another member here on WF - and for only $27 too!

    Now I just have to set some parameters about which geographical region to accept traffic from plus clearly stated policies to avoid fraud...

    I have seen some cpa networks cap leads at like 100 I guess to be able to guage if a lead source is good or not (i.e. how good the traffic/leads an affiliate is sending)...any insight on this?
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