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register a domain name and get it hosted, after that i then create a blog page using wordpress, but the problem i am having is that i created a squeeze page but don't know how to upload it to my domain name that will look like this how do i do this?
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    What hosting are you using? All hosting companies will have a guide showing you how to do this. If you let me know which company is doing your hosting, will be easier to help you as I can give you specific instructions.
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    So you uploaded your blog to your top level domain?

    It's on ???

    And you want to put your squeeze page on ???

    Why would you do that?

    Anyway if I'm understanding you correctly, you need to create a sub directory within your top level domain's directory called - blog

    Then you upload your squeeze page file into that sub directory. Make sure that you label the file index.html or index.php (however you coded it)


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    am using sultanhost
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    Just login via FTP (use filezilla) and upload your files to "public_html"
    If you want to add your squeeze page to
    then create a new directory name "blog" inside "public_html" and upload
    your files to "blog" directory.
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    Thanks, will i have to create a blog file the fillezilla? or how?
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      Originally Posted by jvjoe View Post

      Thanks, will i have to create a blog file the fillezilla? or how?


      If you have hostgator or some other hosts, you can use Fantastico ... look down on your cpanel for Fantastico ... to install Wordpress. Make sure you choose the subdirectory /blog when you install it and make a note of your login user name and password that you create.

      Then get Filezilla. Upload squeeze page to your root directory .... not /blog. Keep it separate

      You will need to fill out the domain name and user and password for your cpanel to create the account in Filezilla and then you can upload
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    Hey jvjoe,

    I'm not sure I understand your question.
    This blog post may help you.

    I hope I am not violating any forum rule by giving you this link.

    My best to you.
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    Jvjoe - I may be telling you something you already know but you are using aren't you ? doesn't like anything that is business related and you can get your account locked (it happened to me when I started out !). Just didn't want you to lose your content

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    Since SultanHost uses CPanel you should be able to login, find the File Manager, and then upload from it, also.
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    mmm...not clear what you are looking to do, but let's give it a go.

    Sounds to me you want to have a site called (which is your blog) and then add a squeeze page to it , so you have page

    Am I correct in saying this?

    Anyway, purchase your domain and sign up for webhosting. Sites such as bluehost lets you do it all in one area so you don't have to deal with transferring your domain nameservers.

    Most hosting companies allow you to install Wordpress directly through Cpanel (you would see an icon that says Fantasticor or Worpress)

    Now for your sqeeze page, just FTP that file to your server in your root directory.

    So once you've connected via FTP, you are going to click on public_html>upload file here.

    If you do want it under then just

    click on public_html folder (server side)> right click in area and create directory called 'blog' and then upload squeeze page in this folder.

    Hope I answered your question :-) Good luck!
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