How Do I Find Out How Much My Domain is Worth?

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I purchased a domain last year and like a ton of other ones it's just sat in my domain list unused.. I started thinking about how I could possibly sell them, but I have no idea how people value domains.

The domain in question is

it supposedly gets like 18k searches a month so I imagine it might be worth something?

Can anyone recommend some sort of way to appraise its worth or anyone have experience in selling domains with high traffic potential?
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    I would say that with a long name like that you will get more for it if you can show traffic or revenue. The name itself may not fetch much (surely much less than $100)
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    It actually gets 4,400 exact searches per month, but that's pretty good too (broad match is meaningless for this).

    A domain is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. The reason it's so confusing to know what a domain is worth, is because the domain name itself is just one of many factors. The amount you get for a domain MOSTLY depends on your ability to locate a buyer who needs a domain like this.

    Generally speaking though, you can get a rough idea of the market value by comparing your domain name with other similar domain names that have actually sold in the recent past. It's like doing a real estate "comp". You can do this by using a site like
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      I have seen domains sell for hundreds and even thousands on flippa. Some it was obvious why they sold for a lot, but others I was scratching my head. So I guess at the end of the day, it how much someone is willing to pay.
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    Now here is a question I would love answered. There are a heap of sites out there that give you estimates and they vary wildly.

    Maybe it is just what the market will bear?
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      You don’t know the value before someone will make an offer. Just to get a vague idea you can list them for appraisal at but that is still not definite. I sold some domains for $ 300 and I had them apprised for reg fee only and some that got really good feedback I am still waiting some offers.

      Also, watch out for an appraisal scam when someone is making you a good offer and then they ask you to get the domain apprised by “ independent” company before they finalise the deal and once you have paid $ 50-100 for the appraisal the buyer disappears.
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    IMHO, most of those domain valuation sites are a bunch of B.S. If you're making money from the domain, then you can charge somewhere between 1 to 10 times. That's just a guideline. People also sell based on pagerank. Whether it makes money or not, the amount you get out of it can depend on how well you can "sell" it.
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    The profit you are getting on the site in question per month X 6 or 12 months = Domain value. (just a guideline)

    It varies based on backlinks, populariy etc etc.

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      Originally Posted by radhika View Post

      The profit you are getting on the site in question per month X 6 or 12 months = Domain value. (just a guideline)

      It varies based on backlinks, populariy etc etc.

      This formula may work for website flipping, but I believe the OP is referring to selling just a domain name. Most of the domain names I sell have none of those attributes.
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    It's all depend on unique visitors and how much you have worked on the site. How profitable it could be on selling depending on the current trend and market.. Try to look over other domain sites on godaddy or whatever to get some ideas.
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    Estibot says $210... which seems fairly accurate to me, assuming you can find the right buyer.
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  • Yeah this is strictly a domain name sale...

    considering I only paid $9 bucks for it or whatever, it could seem like a pretty good deal for even $200... but with Christmas coming up, if I can get it ranking that could be some nice profits.
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    Throw an Amazon store up on the domain, get some backlinks and traffic coming in, then put it up on Flippa in a few months. You may get much more than $200, which means you can buy me a much nicer Christmas present. :-)
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    I'f I were you I'd build a quick site, throw some backlinks to it and let it age/make some profit. I doubt anyone will pay for the potential without seeing the proof.
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    I would say this has potential to sell for some money, but not a huge amount.

    The main issue is that with going with "for women" you have limited it even though the vast majority of searches would be for this anyway. Long tail domains are perfectly fine for development but words that do not need to be there tend to bring down the price.

    If you had or or even then you would be looking at a high value sale, but you may be able to redeem something from a small store that cannot afford a premium.

    The only way to be sure is to actually contact stores, mom and pop stores would be your best bet here rather than larger chains and see if they make you an offer.
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      Sparhawke could you please tell me what this might worth:
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