YouTube videos have cool snake game embeded while you wait...Gimmik or a great marketing tactic

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I have been known to be slow on the uptake and maybe some one has noticed this long ago I only noticed today.

While your video loads if you press the arrows on your keyboard your youtube screen becomes a game of snake where you have to catch an apple and your snake gets longer.

I think it is brilliant keeps people on the site for longer more chance of getting a click through to a ad or another video
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    ...the idea of a "sticky" site has seemed to fall by the way-side over the years that adsense and affiliate marketing sites have proliferated. (there's even a couple sites on the net that specialize if providing 'sticky' apps to webmasters) The adsense/affiliate model isn't about getting people to spend more time on the site; although this seems to be changing with the whole "build a relationship to sell them" craze.

    It all makes me laugh with all the much ado about nothing going on these days with even the likes of Google revisiting things that have been in place for years and touting them as "new".
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