Affiliate Marketers: you're leaving money on the table if you aren't doing this...

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I have an old site that I made 3 years ago during the 30 Day Challenge. It's been making a trickle of sales from a trickle of visitors, so I really haven't done anything with it. It was averaging about .5% conversion from all visitors (abysmal, I know).

Recently, Google's webmaster tools showed it averaging low on the second page for a much better search term than I was originally targeting, so I've been working at kicking it up in the SERPS for the new term. I've pushed it to #6, and now the site is getting a couple hundred visitors per day, and growing.

The problem was that I was doing weak preselling and linking to the affiliate offer. I had never done anything to build and sell to a list on this site since it was on the backburners.

Last night I put together a report using some PLR intended to be used as an autoresponder sequence. At the top of the report I put a "Johnson Box" with "Important Information." This information is niche-related and a strong presell for the product I'm promoting.

Today I set up the autoresponder, including a "thank you" page with another presell message.

I then worked on installing a slide-up opt-in. As I was working on it (I was fiddling with it to make it look the way I wanted it), I had four opt-ins.

One of those four purchased the product. (Yes, I know there's no statistical significance.)

This is before they've seen my follow-up messages. And I haven't even begun setting up additional promotions or promoting lateral products...

If you're doing affiliate marketing and you aren't building a list, you're using an extremely sub-optimal system.

Assume that through a stronger presell and repeated contact I'm able to boost the conversion to 2%. That's four times the profits for putting in a few hours on tweaking a process. This "backburner" site could be easily doing greater than $100 per day.

Do you have any sites that could stand some "tweaking?"

What are you waiting for?
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