Buying Votes from Network of StumbleUpon Users?

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I have seen on the web where you can buy Diggs ( and, etc.) but does anybody know a place where you can buy StubmleUpon votes?

Has anybody had any luck buying Diggs?
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    I've purchased both Diggs and Yahoo Buzz. The digg article didn't get on the front page, because im suspecting they have a better algorithm. The Yahoo Buzz article did however and garnered something like 20k visitors to the site (And actually paid for itself through advertising)

    I've seen people advertising these services in Warriors For Hire here on the WF and they also have Stumble's for sale.
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      Thanks for the great info! I'll root around in WSO and see what I can find.

      Protect yourself from identity theft by using a locking mailbox.

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    So much that you could do with paid Diggs and Stumbles. Now the wheels in my head are starting to turn...

    Thanks for posting this thread!
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    Add friends on StumbleUpon that will make free votes....

    Back On Game...

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    The simple way to do this is using Microworkers - work & earn or offer a micro job

    I believe it was 10c a person to get your site voted for. They are real people clicking the thumbs up button, so it works quite well.

    The same site is also useful for Digg, technorati etc.

    One thing I should mention is that if you are going to use this technique, use it on something that will excite people. An average website is quickly going to fade away again, where as a funny picture could start a chain reaction of users clicking the thumbs up button. For best effect look for a picture that looks rude, but is actually something completely innocent.

    Colin Palfrey

    I write articles and eBooks - PM me for details!
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