Social Bookmarking Confusion

by melanieshereen 8 replies

I am learning all about traffic generating techniques in the Chris Farrell membership course I Love Traffic.

Is using social bookmarking sites solely for bookmarking my own content an abuse of the system or just a legitimate way to get exposure.

Won't it seem strange to these sites that I only bookmark articles that I wrote under my own name??

Will I get banned or something and/or should I bookmark some other sites to make it look better?

Pardon my ignorance !

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    as you say this could help you to find more traffic to your site.i think it is a good idea to do,you have to try other bookmarking sites.
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    Working with bookmarking websites can be easy, although there is quite a bit of time involved. You need to mix in with the crowd, like peoples diggs/create conversation, build a rep basically.

    Be apart of the community
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    Originally Posted by melanieshereen View Post

    Won't it seem strange to these sites that I only bookmark articles that I wrote under my own name??
    Two tips
    Sign up under a different name.
    Bookmark things besides your site.
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    Won't it seem strange to these sites that I only bookmark articles that I wrote under my own name??
    Yes, it will. Just bookmark other stuff that you find interesting while you are surfing around the web. It could be anything. Maybe even this thread. Or a news item. Or someone elses cool site that you ran across in your travels.

    Gone Fishing
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    There are probably about 30 social bookmarking sites that I've never booked anything but my own pages on, and I have never had a problem with any of them.

    There are a couple that send me the most traffic and I do want to be extra careful with them just in case. One is stumbleupon, and they are just a bit irrational. imo Who knows what they might do next?

    So I do take the precautions mentioned already and bookmark other interesting pages.

    If you do get banned it probably isn't a big deal. Just sign up again with a different email and user name. I doubt if you would even need to use a proxy.

    Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

    The KimW WSO

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    you can never get in trouble for saving your bookmarks on line. But you should be interested in other stuff besides your own content. It's only natural.
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    I would advice you bookmark all those contents which you like.

    Only adding your own contents or your own website is not a good idea.

    Just install plugins of many social bookmarking sites on your browser and through that social bookmarking will be easy task.

    But if you want to get traffic than you should hire someone who can provide you this service at affordable rates and also manual.
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