ATTENTION! This Book Will Make You Money (have you seen this?)

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Hey all,

Have you guys/gals seen this book? (The thread title is the actual title of the book, written by Jim Kukral). Here's a non-affiliate link to it on Amazon: AttentionAttention .

I just checked this out, and though I don't normally feel the need to rave about marketing books I find, I thought the information in here would be awesome for beginners and/or people looking to get into IM find for a couple reasons:
  1. There's stuff in here I don't normally see in ANY online marketing books, but it's stuff that is surprisingly useful and "evergreen" concerning online business
  2. The information in here is probably better than any report or ebook you'll find floating around online that you'll most likely have to pay for. (To clarify: I say 'probably', not 'definitely'. I'm in no way discrediting online resources. But, a new copy of this is like $25, where you'll pay upwards of $47+ for the info this contains online as a "report", etc.)
Plus, it's probably at your library right now or you could at least read it at a local bookstore for free while enjoying a White Chocolate Mocha.

...Okay, now on to the part I wanted to share with you

If you search around on this forum alone, you'll find tons of methods on how to make money from people making money using those methods (that's a BIG factor). Therefore, I'm not gunna go into details on HOW to make money given the plethora of other threads dedicated to just that.

Instead, I'll share some cool quotes/ideas I've gleaned from this book that you can plug into whatever you're doing NOW, as a compliment to your current endeavors. These are more 'general guidelines' than anything, but I personally feel as though they're massively important and worth sharing.

Preface: These are from Chapter 25, where Kukral lays out a few general lessons he's learned from long years online. I've went through and summarized them (with frequent quotes), then supplied the action steps/remedies to help implement them.

1. Doubt Kills Success

The gist of it: Beginners tend to ask themselves questions like "Will this work?" or "Can I really do it?" Then they get hung up on the details of the strategy and lose focus. They then ask themselves "Am I setting this up the right way?" or "Is the pricing right for this?" or "Is the web page absolutely perfect?". These questions are important, yeah, but they'll stop you from moving forward. Doubt kills success and stops you from taking action, chances, making decisions, and getting things done and 'out there'.

The remedy: "Focus on your objective, create a plan, and stick to it." Write out goals and set feasible deadlines for achieving those goals. When you come across doubt, push through it. Keep moving forward.

2. Get Productive Or Perish

The gist of it: There's 1001 things to distract us nowadays, especially since everything is so connected and accessible. But, "distractions kill productivity and if you're not productive, you're falling behind".

The remedy: Find a way to eliminate distractions for your own situation. If you need to get work done, turn off your cell phone, log out of your Gmail (and vow not to check it till your 'work time' is over), and close your Tweetdeck. Also, try setting schedules and creating goals and checkpoints to make sure you're being productive.

Note from MY experience: Never confuse being busy with being productive. Spending hours and hours editing HTML or perfecting a squeeze page is NOT productive, it's about 80% of time wasted. Make sure you're moving forward.

3. Be Extraordinary and Remarkable

The gist of it: When you think of successful people, have you ever said to yourself, "I wish I could be like them?/Have what they have?/Do what they do?". Well, you can. But remember that nobody handed it to them, and that "remarkable people are remarkable because they did something remarkable".

The remedy (in anecdotal form): Successful people work their ass off, and to be successful (online or offline), you will have to as well. "Every single successful person I know got there because they worked ten times harder than anyone else".

Remarkability isn't limited to successful people. They weren't born remarkable. Therefore, you can be remarkable too.

"What have you done [that's remarkable]? Then get to work."

4. Doers Get What They Want, Everyone Else Gets What They Get

The gist of it: If you thought that people hand you answers to questions like, "How can I become successful?" or "How can I make more money to quit my job?"... Then you're wrong.

The remedy: Be someone who makes things happen by trying things, testing, and building. Fail frequently if you need to. "You don't get in shape by sitting on the couch. Get off your butt and make things happen".

5. Are You a Loser or a Failure?

The gist of it: "Losers quit. Failures get back up and try again." Losers are afraid to fail, which often leads to inaction. The people who are the most successful online or offline are those who take chances and aren't afraid to fail. "A loser is someone who's afraid to try again after failing."

The remedy: "Don't let the fear of failure stop you from trying, and don't let anyone tell you you're a loser". With business, especially Internet Marketing, you're going to fail. That's a given. The people that are absolutely raking it in right now though, those very people you want to be like, are people that have already failed as many times as it took to have success. But, if they quit before that came along, because they were afraid to fail again and thus not tried again, they wouldn't be the people you're envious of.

6. Negativity Kills

The gist of it: One of the hardest things about participating in the online world is the transparency involved in it. It's so much easier for people to bash on others or others' ideas on forums, in emails, or on blogs. Much more so than it is doing that face-to-face. "They try to bring you or your ideas down because they didn't think of them first, because of jealousy, or heck, just because they're nasty people [and need a life]".

The remedy: Develop thick skin. Kill them with kindness. Don't ignore them, but diffuse them with optimism and a smile. There's always going to be haters and nay-sayers and overall dickheads. (This happens ALL THE TIME in this forum, sad to say.) Want to know the cool part? It doesn't matter in the smallest degree what they think. Honestly. I love getting negative feedback because not only does it help me grow, but I enjoy standing above people by acting more mature than them.

...And that's the end of that part. Good stuff, I'd say.

The book then goes on to strategies of internet marketing, like:
  • membership sites
  • recurring revenue
  • affiliate marketing
  • list building
  • social media
  • traffic
  • SEO
  • keeping subscribers
  • traffic and content syndication
  • branding
  • sales psychology
  • "porn, pancakes and chuch"
  • ...and lastly, why farts make us laugh but don't make us money
Overall, I think a lot of people can benefit from this resource, and hopefully all of you can access it for free. I'd buy a copy though... You're going to find yourself highlighting the hell out of it.

Just thought I'd share

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