How do you convert video views into website traffic?

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Hey everyone

I've been more and more curious about what other people think: how do you:
1. Get people to watch your videos? How do you use them as a marketing tool?
2. Once they've watched the video, how do you get them back to your site?

I've been searching on and off for the best way to do this. I'm fairly good at video creation and can create a pretty slick looking promo for a site, but I am ever searching for the way to convert that into people on the site!

Thanks in advance
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    Q - Get people to watch your vids?
    A - A few simple steps:
    1. Do some research and try to target a keyword with good traffic
    2. Make sure you write an interesting title that will stand out
    3. Submit to Youtube, this site has a ridiculous amount of traffic
    4. Submit to various video sharing sites with Tubemogul
    5. (Optional) - Extract the audio and submit to podcasts sites (search google for "free audio extractor")
    Q - How do you use them as a marketing tool?
    A - Make sure you relate them to your site and provide good value. If so, they will be more inclined to seek more information from you. Also, put in a call to action for them to visit your site after they watch the video.

    Q - Once they've watched the video, how do you get them back to your site?
    A - You have a few options:
    • watermark your videos with your website
    • have a call to action at the end of your video (either in text or voice) for them to go to your website for....more info, free report, etc.
    • put your website in the description for the video

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    rockyk, thanks a lot for your answer, but, if I just upload a video onto youtube with a good title based on a keyword, is it a "guarantee" (in quotes because nothing is a guarantee w/ marketing) that there will be a good amount of views? Any tips on how to get a video that has like 100k views, without using a youtube video watching service? I think it would be a good idea to be a youtube partner for marketing, but vids need a lot of views.

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      It's tough to get 100k views but as you know, it is do-able. Make sure you are correctly filling out your video information. The title should have the main keywords near the front, for example:

      Video Production - Exporting your video for iPod
      Video production" will get picked up first. Also, don't ever leave the file name of your video as your title - Youtube does this by default. You may want to start naming your files with keyword rich words as well.

      ExportForiPod.mp4 is a lot more helpful than Sequence.mp4. Why? Well, that's a little hard to explain. Rumor has it that Google is working hard on trying to get videos searchable and so they might be looking at file names now as well (among a whole bunch of other things). So, even though it's a rumor, I'm naming all of my files with keyword rich names. Besides, that's just good file keeping.

      Next, your description box. Load that thing up with a good description of what your video is about. This is also the only place you can put a link to your site. Make sure you do that and make sure it's the first thing in your description box.

      Also, to get a lot of views, you better be allowing every option for social marketing that Youtube gives you.

      You know, I have a whole video on this which contains these tips as well as how to use tags, set up the social media aspect of Youtube, and a lot more. You can watch it for free at my signature, it's in the FREE PUBLIC ARTICLES section.

      There's also a video on using the additional settings once your video is uploaded.

      YouTube Marketing Mastery - Discover what you can do with YouTube.
      YouTube Marketing Mastery

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    Also remember to include the "http://" in front of your URL in the description. It will not be a clickable link without it.
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    Thanks for the info! If anyone else has some tips, it's really appreciated! We're looking to build out our knowledge base to include lots of video marketing.
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    it all comes down to demand for a video (see football highlights) and whether it has that viral factor
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    You need a really strong call to action at the end of the video
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    thanks for the info so far!!
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      first of all you want to make sure that the first thing you do is put the full link to your website your are trying to get traffic to in the description. (by full link I mean http://)

      then you also want to have a your link present through out the video (watermarked), use the caption option in youtube or put a screen shot with your link at the end.

      this is your call to action...

      You want to grab their attention...

      Then spark their interest...

      then get them to desire what ever it is you have to offer them. Or you can really build their curiosity Then hit them with your call to action.

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    Good advise, thanks
    also responded to your PM.

    How about beyond the basics? Like how you really do this and how people make lots-a-monay with video marketing?
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    First the person who says hard to get 100K views, I got videos that get that.

    1. Get people to watch your videos? How do you use them as a marketing tool?

    - Add value. Youtube has a HUGE following, your goal would be to place your videos when people are looking for someone, you are easily found. This can be done through good title, tags.

    2. Once they've watched the video, how do you get them back to your site?
    - Branding your videos with links in the description and on the video.

    Now often missed is that the conversion on You Tube are much lower then most other places, however the traffic is sooo high that it = more traffic to your website.

    Article gets 5000 views, traffic 400 visitors
    Video gets 10000 views, traffic 600 visitors

    The conversion may be lower, but the traffic is more
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    Thanks for the great info!
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    Great tips rockyk. You've answered almost all my questions about how to do video marketing. Thanks a lot!
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