Can you advise if this is a good or bad thing to do

by Dave d
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If you had an info product and you limited the amount of copies that would be sold, then you wanted to sell the rights to that product how would that work.

Has somebody done that before or considered doing it. Would all your buyers be mad as hell or is it a perfectly legimate thing to do selling product rights in this instance. Would it be breaking advertising rules or FTC rules or something like that because obviously the new product owner would then want to sell copies of the product.

If somebody sees the original sales page that says only x amount copies will ever be released and then sees that your selling the rights to the product could somebody come down heavy on you or perhaps you could have legal troubles.

Any advice opinions welcomed.
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    Honestly, i think it will make people see you as a big time liar and will not trust you again.
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    I would be really pissed and never buy anything from you again and would tell anyone who wanted to listen that for you "limited" does not mean limited.
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      I think it would be very bad but unfortunately a lot of Internet marketers do it. It is also a bit like marketers who sell products which they claim made them hundreds of thousands of dollars but they are now moving on and are selling the product not for $1997, not for $997, not even for $197 but for a mere $97!
      So now you are led to believe that you too can make $1000s selling this product.
      However the catch is (which they don't tell you) is that:
      1) The market is probably already saturated.
      2) They are now giving this product to as many people as possible so that you will now be competing in a small market against 1000s of others.
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    Bad,you should check the market first anyway.


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    Originally Posted by Dave d View Post

    If you had an info product and you limited the amount of copies that would be sold, then you wanted to sell the rights to that product how would that work.

    "Nemo dat quod non habet": you don't own those rights, to sell them. You voluntarily renounced them at an earlier stage, for the sake of selling a "limited" quantity, remember?

    Someone buying those rights from you, without knowing that, will still be entitled to them (in their capacity as a "bone fide subsequent purchaser") but you'll be defaulting on your agreements with all your earlier clients.

    Whether anyone will actually demand a refund or sue you is a different matter, as always in civil law; but it certainly won't do your reputation as a marketer any good. And that's the most valuable asset in your business, isn't it?
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      As everyone else has said, I, too, think it's a "bad" thing to do.

      Not quite as bad as becoming a trainee axe-murderer but reputation-wise not advisable.

      Personally, when I find myself asking myself if something is advisable or not--at least from an ethics perspective--it's not.

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    Thanks for the opinions guys that helps a lot. I have taken all your advice aboard as I would be prefer to be an ethical marketer. Nobody likes a bull$hitter do they !
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