Are You A Mentor? Or Have You Been Mentored?

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I got an email that spoke about the opportunity to be mentored, although admittedly it was a bonus from a very very respected Warrior.

It made me wonder what experience Warriors have had, either being a Mentor or having been mentored and how successsful it was?


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    I have helped out many people but I don't have an official mentoring program.

    I also wasn't mentored or helped by anyone (I was too shy to ask)

    So I figured this whole thing alone.

    Would have I done better if I had a mentor?

    Absolutely. If I had a mentor, I wouldn't have wasted time on stupid PTC and survey sites and I also wouldn't have taken 20 days just to fix my blog's theme

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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      IMO, a well respected person doesn't go looking for students. He lets the
      students come to him.

      Of course that is only my opinion.

      As to your question, I have been on both sides of the fence, as a student
      and a teacher.

      As a student, I did everything my teacher asked of me.

      As a teacher, I expect my student to do the same.

      I have zero tolerance for a student who says, "I can't" or "I won't".
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    Yes and yes. However, I don't seek students but rather they tend to seek me out. My early mentor in IM was Corey Rudl.
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      Choose a mentor that is much further ahead than where
      you want to be - and can prove it.

      A good mentor can shorten the time it takes you to get
      results by sharing their experience, giving you honest
      feedback on your plans and helping you to avoid
      unnecessary pitfalls.

      Choose your mentor wisely as not all big names are
      necessarily good mentors.

      Being a mentor requires another skill set than simply
      being able to do Internet Marketing.

      Dedicated to your success,



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    I have the greatest mentor ever: my past self. I did a little past regression and came up with some killer product ideas (I'm now busy creating the products)
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      Totally right on finding a mentor and the right one while at it,helps to cut the learning curve and will deliver you further in the long run. Have been looking at getting a mentor too( just starting out), but...
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    The closest I came to being mentored was the things I learned
    from Terry Dean. I did his protege course and also was a
    member of Netbreakthrough.

    I now have a mentoring program in copywriting running for the
    past 4 years now and I've helped a few copywriters "get it".
    I consider myself a better mentor than a 'business man'.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I've just observed what the guru's do...not what they sell
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    I am sure the benefits of an actual mentor is something that is a beautiful thing & I would be a fool to discount it as something that is not beneficial and swiftens the learning curve. Although, I have never had a mentor per se, but, I see how I have taken on the mannerisisms, (lack of a better word),of people who I really think are top tier in this business as well as outside of it come to think of it.
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    Yup, Both sides of the fence for me too.

    Have had mentors/coaches and I coach other people too.

    To me, the most effective and fast paced way to be better at anything is to get a coach so yes, it is highly effective.

    Although sometimes abused in the information business industry, Coaches can really be the answer to fast tracked success.

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    If a person come to you for help in IM and you wanted to help him by giving him the step to do IM. For me, the process is already make you a mentor. For me regardless you are newbie or senior the opportunity to be mentored or to be a mentor is very important as it create opportunity for people to learn IM and to earn from it. Internet Marketing is the only platform I see can be the best method to do to earn money. Either you are young or old, school, graduate to pensioner infact everyone can be successfull through it. Under my mentorship programs I have proven to help single parents, house wife, parents with disable children to learn IM as a way to earn through internet. I am proud to say that they succeed. The more people learn IM, the more opportunities we can create.
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