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I was wondering if any of you clever marketers can think of some creative ideas to promote a shed business using creative offline strategies.

We have done a website which is converting well however we also want to help them with some offline tactics.

Blog | Brisbane Domestic and Industrial Sheds

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    Did you try offline banner posting? Or get business cards and passing it around?
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    Yep these are pretty standard which they are doing. Looking for more creative ideas.

    Thanks anyway for commenting.

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    Actually live in a shed.

    Then purchase the Ron Douglas WSO on getting free advertising from the media.

    With the right spin you could get thousands and thousands worth of free advertising.

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    the site listed seems to be a spin from the main site / a sub of that business . the one you have listed has a tough URL to promote offline ? if it is a separate / franchise ? would this loose them business or would th e main site pass it on if you just promoted the main URL ?

    anyway if its a semi rural area why not approach land holders with sheds facing the highway and offer to advertise the logo / website / phone number on the shed roofs

    paint the whole roof so i can be seen by those driving past on the highways and byways, plenty of vacant billboards waiting to be painted but the URL part get long and messy as the link you have used would be to long to be useful id say.

    maybe a short easy URL that can redirect to that ?
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      Piggy-backing on post #5, does the company have sheds which can house small airplanes? If so, you could use the roof-painting idea on roofs along the standard approach paths to the smaller GA airports. Do it right, and they can become aids to navigation for pilots on visual flight rules. If that happens, the pilots will do your advertising for you - "When you reach point A, look for the roof that says..."

      In bigger cities and towns, don't neglect the roofs of buses and delivery trucks. People look out windows all the time.

      Contests can be huge. My wife watches some of the daytime chat shows just for the contests. The usual format is "send us your idea for the most original [whatever]" or "tell us why we should pick you to get a free [something]". Get on the right show, and you could have huge publicity along with a lot of new niche markets and insights into the customer base. All for the cost of a shed, more or less.
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    I noticed they are promoting the use of solar panels with their sheds, why not contact some companies with solar panels, or info product sellers about solar panels, with good sized lists and offer a jv?

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    Are they willing to give away a single unit for the sake of marketing?

    If so, I would monitor the news daily for any news items where a family is displaced and needs storage space, or a church/civic group needs a place to store equipment or donations are needed for a local fire dept., etc.

    Then play up the media angle.

    Just a thought
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    What about putting an add on the local newspapers with a title like: "Learn the fastest way to increase the equity of your house with a small change" and you give them a small free report abut the sheds, the guys who will call you I think are a very good leads.
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    I would target all the "shed" type keywords in the search engines and rank my website for it.

    I would do more youtube, facebook, twitter type stuff. You could have tours of your actual sheds and videos of how it's actually built to show quality.

    There are many different options you can take for promoting your business online.
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