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Hello everyone, my name is Justin and i'm 16 years old. (Don't think i'm one of those immature kids or anything, I happen to be quite smart )

Anyways, I stumbled upon these forums while searching online for ways to make money.
I don't know ANYTHING about internet marketing, and when I say that, I mean it.

I have absolutely ZERO experience.
Lately though, I've become very interested in learning some of the basics and different terms and such.

Now i've heard stories of other people my age making a lot of money and I'm always wondering how they do it.

The reason I made this topic was because I was wondering if there was any way that I could learn about internet marketing. Are there any free ebooks out there that give the basics? I really don't have any money to pay for things because I don't have a job (another reason I became interested in internet marketing).

Also, for the short time i've been on these forums, i've been going through the WSO forums and reading every topic and everyone's reviews of the products.

Are there any WSO's out there that you guys would recommend that I buy that could help me? Any of them that would be newbie friendly and allow me to understand what Internet Marketing is about.
But not just that, I also want to be able to start earning money from different methods.
Now when I say making money, I don't expect to make $1000 a month or anything like that. Even if I could make $100-200 a month at the beginning, I would be ecstatic!

Well sorry for this long post, but I'm just hoping that there is some way that I can learn about IM because it just seems to me like it's a great business and even though it may take time to learn everything, i'm willing to do that!

So if there are any WSO's or ebooks out there that would help me understand more about IM, please don't hesitate to tell me!

Once again, sorry for the kinda long post, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Here is another 16 yrs old... maybe you should talk to him
    View Profile: Caleb Spilchen

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    Many young entrepreneurs seem to start early recently Welcome to the internet marketing world I have strong believe that you will succeed since you are smart, and start early. I'm not kidding at all. You can do it.
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    The 30DC or The Thirty Day Challenge was a blessing for me. It is because of it that I learned how to put up my own website and I also learned SEO, the basics that is with the 30DC. Thru 30DC I was able to get a job as an SEO and now I am a pro so to speak and ranks high in my niche.

    The only website that rank on top of my website is Wikipedia which I plan to beat. For beginners to Internet Marketing, it is worth the price of admission which is FREE!

    "Work Hard, Play Hard"

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    Now they call it The Challenge.

    "Work Hard, Play Hard"

    Get 25% off any HostGator Web Hosting Plan - Use coupon code: ORDERNOW25

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    Justin welcome. Just think if you get this Internet marketing business downpat, who knows where you will be when you are 25. Good for you. There is so much information on here that is free so I see no need to jump in and buy anything.

    If you were going to spend any money your best bargain would be to join the warrior room. I think it's $30. There is killer information in there and a lot of it is free. That would be the best start you can give yourself.

    Just remember one thing always be on the up and up because it doesn't take people long to figure out who are the shysters on here.

    Look around, learn a little and then try to figure out what direction would interest you because there is so many avenues to take and you don't want to waste your time jumping all over the place and never mastering anything.

    Find something you like, master it. If you do find something that is of interest to you then look at that topic in the WSO area and see how people are doing what they are doing and see if it is working well. Do what they are doing only better.
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