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Helllo warriors,

I am in the middle of doing another BANS site Your Title Goes Here and I need a header graphic doing... I am rubbish at graphic design the graphic needs to be 1050 x 154.

As you can probably tell its selling cars from the Uk.

I am always building bans so maybe we can organise a deal with someone who wants to do all my headers as I find this the hardest part.

PM me or show what you have a got.... beer to the best one and then we can talk about the future


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    Your site says 1050x100 for header. You ask for 1050x154. Since the site ask for a certain size, I did you one for that.

    Maybe you will be lucky enough for someone to chime in, but usually folks won't do headers for free just to be chosen from. It takes time to do a good header.

    Also, you are basically asking someone to name your site, that is a big request there. You may hate the name etc.

    When requesting someone to do a header, especially a like this, I would suggest you already have a name for them to use.

    Anyway, I slapped this together for you to use in the meantime. I had no idea on the name and I am not a pro as you can see. It is just something to fill in the space for now.

    Now, I can change the name pretty easy for you or if the size is wrong. Just let me know what you want. PM me so I will see it.

    Also, no beer needed. If you want you can donate anything to the Michael Tracy fund that Big Mike started.

    Just right click and choose "save image as" and its yours.
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    AKA "webnetincome" before the big name changes!
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    Cool header Glenn!

    Newcomer, Dave T
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    For those who want to do the headers themselves, check out XHeader at XHeader - home.

    Best thing is that it's free.

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      It's ok I guess, but not that great--LOL
      WSO Addicts Blog

      AKA "webnetincome" before the big name changes!
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        Originally Posted by Glenn Newsome View Post

        It's ok I guess, but not that great--LOL
        Needless to say, very thoughtful Glenn & you too Premium Web Content!

        IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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  • Glenn's entry is very inspiring, I wanna give this a shot as well!

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    Here is a quick one i knocked up.

    If you have a specific title and tag line let us know and we can adapt the header to suit.
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    Man you guys are good!!!

    How do you do it???

    give me an hour or so and I will make a decision


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