How To Properly Structurer Keywords & Pages ?

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How To Properly Structure Keywords & Pages ?

Iam building my site in Word press.
My home page keywords are the same as alot of my page names also.

Does this leave the home page and the other page in my site competition for the same keywords ?

Should I not use keywords on my home page that are also other pages ?

** keep in mind my site is very targeted **
Sorry , hope you understand my questions: see my example below....

(pg) = Home = Keywords = Cordless drills , Cordless drill , Makita cordless drills , dewalt cordless drills , Ryobi cordless drills
(pg 1) = Makita Cordless Drills = Keywords = Makita Cordless Drills , Makita Cordless screwdrivers , Makita 18 volt , Cordless drills
(pg 2) = Dewalt Cordless Drills = Keywords = Dewalt Cordless Drills , Dewalt screwdrivers , dewalt 18 volt , Cordless drills
(pg 3) = Ryobi Cordless Drills = Keywords = Ryobi Cordless Drills , Ryobi Cordless screwdrivers , ryobi 18 volt , Cordless drills

Is this structure alright to use ?
should I change the keywords on the home page ?
Any feed back would be Greatly Appreciated..............
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