Digg has broken an axle

by seobro
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I use to use DIGG a lot to keep up. Fact is it was a great way to stay on top of trends, but lately it is broken to the point of not working for more than a minute without crashing like major.

Traffic is way down and few stories are being added now. This hot property is joining myspace. Basically, as a has been the use to be great years ago.

Does anyone have an idea when it went off the rails or why?
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    Several interesting articles on "The Death of Digg"
    I haven't visited or used it for ages. Chances of small blogs ever getting anywhere on Digg were always slim to none.

    Dig is Deadd
    Digg is Deadd - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

    Maybe Digg isn't quite so Deadd
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      Digg has been giving me fits lately!

      Do you guys think it will ever return to normal?

      In my opinion, the biggest benefit of Digg has always been immediate indexing in Google. It gets your content noticed by the big "G" right away.

      But then my opinion and $1 will buy you any size soft drink at McDonalds (at participating locations)! So bear that in mind.
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        It's only really been the past few days, since V4 was released.

        The real problem is that the content now appears to come from specific news outlets, rather than user submitted - I'm guessing as some kind of revenue generator for Digg - or at least this is what i can gather. The bury buttons were removed also (no reinstated) so the content could not be moved from the front page.

        Don't look to MAKE money - look to HELP people and you will make all the money you can ever want.

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      I just logged in to Digg for the first time in ages. Apparently, the history of everything I've ever dugg is gone. My options now are to "follow" certain websites or people or something.

      Not sure what the point of Digg is now. It looks like they are trying to become Twitter or Facebook or something rather than a service for sharing content. As it is now, what's the point? I'm better off using Twitter or Facebook.

      I think Digg just shot themselves in their feet.

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        i stopped using Digg ages ago, and started using Identi.ca since Google literally indexes it every 2 seconds
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    It has more than a broken axle it has a terrible interface and bad site organization as compared to the hot competition.

    They should sort it out if they want me to even think about visiting.

    Owner easiery.com

    Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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    I gave up om them a long time ago.
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    I haven't been able to log in properly for as far as I can remember...

    apparently reddit is the new digg

    just like facebook is the new myspace/friendster
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    I've been a Digger since 2006. I visit the site multiple times per day. I'm actually very sad that Digg would choose to abandon it's core purpose. If users can't submit their own content, Digg is no longer Digg. It's a glorified RSS reader.

    reddit.com: what's new online!

    Until Digg goes back to normal, I'll be on reddit.

    https://edabit.com :: Learn to code with interactive challenges.
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    Digg should have sold long time ago when it was valuable. But I never was a Digg fan. The big sites made the front pages all the time ...the little ones rarely saw the light of day. It was a clique.
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    Even before v4 it has lost the trust of small bloggers. In V3 Digg was under few influential members. This article address that problem clearly.

    Now it looks like, they tried to do something about that and the influential members are no up against the digg.

    I think the new services like snifd.com has more potential because of the niche targetting they are mentioning about.
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      I used Digg for a year, quite intensively and I really have no idea what did they do with it or how to use it for my purposes. It looks like some sort of a Twitter hybrid... I'm probably ditching it.

      ppcsluzby.cz/en - PPC agency

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        Can you say "Web 2.0 community property"?

        I have used them in the past for personal blogging--and a year ago it was pretty predictable that posting a link would get me ~100 readers that day into the next. The dropoff was sudden after that.

        Starting back up again I started promoting another new blog of mine and was amazed at the transformation. After jumping through a few hoops I decided that it was a circular waste of time. Monitoring over the next two days with Analytics did not produce 10 readers for three articles. Not worth my time. The reddit links show up better!

        The trend is toward community sites. However, messes such as this in my opinion are doomed to decline. There is nothing of any great social value here that is not replicated dozens of times elsewhere--and much better.

        I believe that we have Google Caffeine to thank for part of this socialization trend. Noted that several other link/directory sites are following suit.


        "There ain't no secret sauce..."

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