Domaining using Sedo... Is this Legal?

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I have a decent Domain name that I would like to sell, and it is listed on Sedo, but in order to go on the standard auction on Sedo you must have at least one offer.... Can I ask someone to make an offer so I can list it on the Auction? I am willing to pay that person to actually buy the Domain if that offer is the only one I get.

Sedo just feels like it takes forever... then again I might just be delusional about my domain and its worthless.
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    Cathy, don't do it. This is known as shill bidding and is not tolerated by any marketplace.
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    Second that ... shill bidding.
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      Glad you asked this Cathy. I've often wondered about it myself so it's nice to know the answer.

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    Shill bidding, eh? Good thing to know. Thanks, Gene.
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    Thanks Guys .... Gene and Suzanne you were the 2 I was hoping would answer this ... well thats all the answer I need ... My goal is to never be on the wrong side of a moral question EVER!

    Well Iam glad some of you also had some value from my question.
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