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Recently i posted a thread saying how i am new and i wanted to buy a WSO.

In that thread i got a better response than i could i have hoped for.

I was expecting to get half a dozen replys from Warriors trying to sell me their WSO, and hald a dozen reckomending me to buy different ones.

No, instead - I recieved replys from Warriors telling me to not spend any money at all! I recieved some great advice in how to start making money online with no money. And even a few really smashing warriors took the time to give me their WSO.

So i would like to take the time to publicly thank you fellow Warriors for being kind and genuine people, thank you for helping me self-lessly and thank you for letting me know that you are good, honest people i can trust! - Before i was afraid of people stealing my ideas and ripping me off. Now i am starting to realise the names of some people who i know wont do that and i look foward to building friendships and relationships with fellow warriors.

You guys really are top people. And the WarriorForum really is a top forum.

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