Best Keyword Research Desktop Software?

by Alminc 11 replies
I wander what desktop software for keyword research
gives most useful data and is most accurate.

Typically we need at least accurate data about number of searches
per month or per day and the number of competing sites.

What software are you using and how good is it ?
What database does it pull the data from ?
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    Good to see you, Alminc.

    You're going to get a lot of different responses on this one.

    I purchased and use Adwords Analyzer for my keyword research. Take a look and see if you like it. I can always run a quick report for you and send the results if you want to 'see' the numbers.

    I've also used Wordtracker (web-based) in the past. If you haven't tried it, check out the free 7 day free trial. Wordtracker will definitely blow your mind. But you need to take Wordtracker's results with a grain of salt. Some people even cut the numbers Wordtracker displays in half and I experienced similar results.

    That's all I know about. Let's see what the others say.

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    1. Keyword Elite - Useful to find long tail keyword...the count not accurate.
    2. Traffic Travis - Free and fast tool, should give it a try.

    I still think web base keyword service is better, desktop tool only use to collect different source of free keyword research data on the web...

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    There's none. Read my blog post here:

    Keyword Tools Conspiracy Theory | Taknique

    - Jon
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    Yeah Keyword research tools seems to be spotty at best.. I've used KeywordElite and the usual free ones. I've heard good things about Market Samurai, you might wanna give it a spin since it goes for a free trial..
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    Belive me Traffic Travis will help you a lot!
    Is a well build software, very easy to use and it’s FREE, you can find my full opinion about this Travis on my website.

    Another option could be Web CEO it’s even better then Travis but it's not free

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    I'm only tossing my opinion in because i've loved it since it came out on day one (and offered as an wso). Keyword Research Pro still makes me money today when i try to find a new site to build out based on keywords. It's fast, and the service has been great too when i needed the help in the beginning.
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  • OK.....I know no one is going to believe me but, our own minds are the best software, think about it, you have the ability to out think a software program. Yes I am serious !!
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    I just started using Hexatracker and it gives great results. I do not have any other software to compare it to but it has been great so far

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    Dave Woodward
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    Good Keywords is one of the best.
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    I would say that (''Free Keyword Suggestion Tool From Wordtracker'') is one of the best. There is a free and a paying version. But the free one do the job.

    Also, to receive a good rate of conversion, see (''adlab''). This last website is giving you the pourcentage of people that buy for that particular keyword.

    I hope it will help you building your buisness.
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    Micro Niche Finder has recently been updated to use the Google search numbers and they make a lot more sense now. Excellent tool.
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