Killer PPC Strategy I just experienced

by gareth
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I say experienced because I just found this while surfing for "pheromones"

When I type that search term in I get this adwords ad at the top of the listings:

Pheremone Scam What The Sellers Here Don't Want You to Know. It'll Freak You Out!

Note the spelling mistakes ;-)

Anyway when I clicked through I get a surprise - It took me to this forum:

And look what is at the top of the forum - a promotion IF YOU JOIN THE FREE FORUM TODAY to get $25 in free pheromone products

Now as you can see every man and his dog joins the forum immediately.

What you get is a $25 coupon for their web store here:

Where oddly enough all the products seem to be more than $25

Not only that but pheromones are a repeat sale product that you must keep purchasing.

In short a brilliant way to build a forum, a customer list and generate repeat sales.
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