A question on seasonal products.

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I became an affiliate of a particularly popular summer time product this year. I created a nice site and sold quite a few products. I had some trouble with competition as they are big stores with lots of experience etc. Nevertheless it was definately worth the trouble as what I was selling were high priced goods. The thing is most of the big stores have stopped selling them now summers coming to an end. My question is...if they've stopped selling and stopped marketing them for another year wouldn't it be a good idea to do a steady stream of articles and video's throughout this year so the big G see's me putting out quality content whilst the rest stop. That way next year I could be in a much stronger position and the following year even stronger etc? I may be wrong but this was the first seasonal product I've sold as I prefer year round sales but it got me thinking is this a good way to compete with some of the bigger boys and girls and actually get a nice slice of the pie by taking advantage of there lack of promotion out of season?
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