I need your brilliant ideas if you are an IM expert

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Hi! I'm going to briefly explain you my problem.

As you know, there is a huge competition in all fields, and everybody is battling for traffic online.

My field is complicated. I would have to spend a fortune in order to beat my strong competitors.

Thinking and thinking, I found a way to attract constant targeted traffic to my website without interruption, even though I will have to spend a lot of time doing that; many hours per day. However, the constant traffic will be guaranteed.

I need your brilliant ideas if you are an expert on internet marketing and you could help me.

I'm an internet marketer because there was no other way. You have to be a marketer if you have an online business. I'm very far from being an expert, and this is why I'm not doing what I could do in order to attract targeted traffic to my website without end and solve this basic problem, instead of battling for traffic through traditional methods and never managing to beat my strong competitors.

My question is:

If you could attract traffic without end, how would you make money with it?

Only by having ads in your page? And trying to sell your own products at the same time?

What else would you do?

Thank you for your suggestions.
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    Your question is somewhat confusing.

    Don't complicate things.

    I have no idea to tell you to go with ads or go with pushing your own product - but before making a site it is definitely a good idea to know how you are going to monetize the site.

    Doing everything on it may not always be a good idea.

    I think a site needs to have some main focus.

    Without knowing the habits of the niche you are going after it is also difficult to make suggestions on the best way to monetize.

    There are other ways - other than just ads and products too.

    (disclosure: I'm not an IM expert nor do I play one on the internet - but I do know a couple of things.)

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I already have a website and my own ebooks. My field is mental health. I could prove to the public how efficient my method is.

    So, I was thinking about creating a page in my website, where I would give demonstrations to the public. I would certainly attract a lot of traffic, but spend all my time giving these demonstrations. This is why I’m trying to find many ways to make money with the traffic I’ll have.
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      So, I was thinking about creating a page in my website, where I would give demonstrations to the public. I would certainly attract a lot of traffic, but spend all my time giving these demonstrations.
      You do know that it will take more than that for traffic, right? Because doing demonstrations won't bring in traffic unless you PROMOTE and get the word out - same as what you need to do for any other website.

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        I'd create a squeeze page that is PROVEN to convert at least 40% of every single soul that sees it. Beyond that, I'd have a PROVEN auto-responder series set up for my list to at least 3 months that gives so much value that your subscribers love you and write personal emails of admiration....


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    If I were you, I would first analyze my page for any copywriting issues. This does not mean spell check or grammar. Instead, look for powerful words that convey benefits to your readers. Does your sales page show enough signs of helping people genuinely?

    Building trust is also another factor. Give them a solid money back guarantee and you will see that the results will follow. the longer the money back guarantee, the lesser returns you have.

    My best suggestion for you is to have a high quality product of your own and become the "purple cow" as Seth Godin would suggest

    Looking to build stunning, functional landing pages that convert like crazy? Check out Optimizepress.

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    Paul Barrs, thank you for your suggestion. I’m building my email lists gradually, and of course I will keep building them in this page I intend to create in my website.

    However, nothing is simple. Many people never open many of the email messages they receive even when they have subscribed and agreed to receive them. Everything online needs time and efforts.

    I agree that I should care about organizing much better my email messages especially because I’ll have more subscribers for having more traffic with my live demonstrations. This is a good observation.



    Yes, I know I will have to promote these demonstrations. I did something similar in 2008. I won’t have problems attracting the public.

    However I want to be sure that I will make money even with the curious people who will take advantage of my offer without any real interest in my topic for example, because besides spending a lot of time with my demonstrations I will have to spend some money creating this page. I’m going to use another tactic to attract traffic, and everything has a certain cost. This is why I want to find many ways to monetize the page.



    Where could I find this so special Squeeze page?

    And the series of email messages must be very well organized = a lot of work. This means that I have to seriously care about my email campaign, like Paul suggested too.

    The truth is that I’m not sending messages well organized to my subscribers. I’m only sending them my best articles, without writing something different for them. I tried to in the beginning, but it took too much of my time, and in the end I didn’t insist on creating a good email campaign. Now I have to.



    I have a few high quality products of my own, money back guarantee, etc. I believe that my sales pages are good. I’m selling my products, but I don’t have enough traffic, and I have strong competitors. This is why I had the idea of doing something different to attract all the traffic I need and this way sell more products, besides selling also my services.

    Of course, selling my own products is my main purpose with everything that I intend to organize. However, I know that from all the people who will visit my website and care about my demonstrations, only a small percentage will really care about purchasing my products or hiring my services. This is why I’m looking for other ways to make money with the traffic I’ll have.

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      "Free video reveals how I can Improve your mental health in just 5 Minutes!"

      Or what ever your demonstration is.

      Turn that into a sales page, where you are just looking for sign-ups.

      "sign up to see the proof on video"

      Then, warm them over with a few free emails in your AR - and gradually promote your products.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        My suggestion is to build a list with the traffic by creating a landing page.

        The factors affecting your conversion rate for the landing page are (in approx. order of importance):

        1) Qualification of traffic you're sending through to the landing page. Find these people from your market's favourite hangouts.

        2) The "Offer": How much perceived value does the product have? ie. how much is it perceived to deliver in solving the problem of your market?

        3) Speed of landing page loading. People may not even see the page if it loads slowly on slower connections. Hosting images (as well as videos) on Amazon AWS helps speed up your web pages load time. This gives you more chance of making the first impression within the 5 seconds you've got to make it.

        4) Design elements such as headline copy, benefit driven bullets, quality of image, eye mapping to opt in form, amount of details you request, respecting privacy

        The design elements should be tested with Google Website Optimizer once you've got 1,2 and 3 sorted out.

        Once you've got all these correct, you may be around 40%. Few people START with a landing page at 40%. It isn't the landing page design that converts. The main thing is matching perfectly qualified traffic with a high perceived value offer which solves a problem at a point of pain.
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    I’m writing a series of articles especially for my subscribers. I understand now how important the email messages to my lists are.

    I’m going to care about creating a catching squeeze page and a nice landing page too - with my webmaster’s help of course, because I know nothing about html.

    The video is also a good idea. I would never write something like "Free video reveals how I can Improve your mental health in just 5 Minutes!" because I tend to explain everything exactly as it is, and there is no way someone may be helped in just 5 minutes if they have psychological problems. However, I understand that I’m wrong, because my headlines have to attract many people first of all. I could use the “5 minutes” in a symbolic form, meaning that they will be helped in a very short period of time, without being a liar.

    Fortunately I had the idea of asking you what to do. I’m very far from being a good internet marketer…

    Thank you very much for your suggestions!

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